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Is it all over for Flybe?

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  • Is it all over for Flybe?

    According to reports, Flybe may go into liquidation as soon as this evening. One of their aircraft has already been impounded at Glasgow and there are reports that refuellers are refusing service.

    It will be very sad if it is indeed happening like this: it is a very important carrier in many remote markets; as a former Jersey resident myself, I flew it many times; their crews were always very pleasant and as a dispatcher now, I always enjoyed dealing with their crews. I wish them all the best.

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    Looks like it has just gone under, statement from the UK CAA...

    "Flybe has entered administration.
    All Flybe flights are cancelled. Please do not go to the airport as your Flybe flight will not be operating.
    For flights operated by franchise partners, passengers should make contact with their airline."

    and this article released about 45mins ago:


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      Well, there goes another one. Another problem that arises from the FlyBe collapse is the effect that it will have on the regional airports that they served some of which relied solely on FlyBe operations....

      Top 10 UK airports with the highest share of Flybe flights (departures in 2019):
      • Anglesey (487) - 100%
      • Southampton (14,274) - 95%
      • Belfast City (13,767) - 79.5%
      • Exeter (5,497) -78%
      • Newquay (2,679) - 65.9%
      • Wick (413) - 58.7%
      • Jersey (6,791) - 57.4%
      • Cardiff (4,292) - 51.8%
      • Guernsey (4,543) - 49.5%
      • Isle of Man (3,190) - 49.4%
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        Quite true; Southampton and Belfast will probably be the worst affected; Anglesey was actually served by Eastern, so it should be ok.

        I used to live in Jersey, for many years; Flybe was once "Jersey European" and still used the "Jersey" callsign; it was a big part of the island. Blue Islands has already stepped in to take over some of the routes, as has Aurigny in Guernsey.

        Hopefully, other carriers will step in; there was clearly a market for flights at these airports, but most airlines are in survival mode now and adding new routes is way down their list of priorities.