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Austrian Airlines the next victim of Corona-Virus?

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  • Austrian Airlines the next victim of Corona-Virus?

    German TV news website reports that Austrian Airlines will suspend all operations for the time being, at least until 28 March. Flight OS066 from Chicago to Vienna, arriving in the morning of 19 March will be the last regular flight. I wonder whether Austrian will ever fly again, given the many problems that their parent Lufthansa has had with them in the past.
    Any thoughts on which other airlines will die and which ones will survive?

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    I do have an idea or question to pose in regards to a subsidiary such as this. At what point do Lufthansa decide not to transfer over money and capital to Austrian from its main division, essentially cutting off its "life support". Is it already built into Lufthansa's budget that they will only allocate so much to Austrian if its profit margins are no where near expected, reaching a specified point where it says "We are shutting this subsidiary down". A point of no return as one might say.

    Also Lufthansa would still likely keep at least part of the fleet like the A320's and 767's and 777's and retain maybe a small portion of the staff so they can still have a base of operations in Austria, but re-brand it to Lufthansa.