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The Airline That Won A Million Hearts for Operating COVID-19 Relief Flights

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  • The Airline That Won A Million Hearts for Operating COVID-19 Relief Flights

    Air India operated many relief flights to ensure citizens of various nationalities reach home safe. Have a look at all the efforts taken by Air India which are globally praised.

    "We are proud of You!" said every Indian and every Air Traffic Contoller enroute who handled the Air India relief operation flight to Frankfurt and Paris.

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    Well. Don't be afraid if someone who is as old as me tries to answer you..

    One advantage of being here on board this forum let's say at least once a year is.. I know (almost) all Senior members who are still active after all those years. And I also know many Junior members who joined us.

    I remember one jetphotos forum member, who here in the simulator forum section invited all jetphotos forum members to what I'd call a 'Sternflug'. That in English should be something like an invitation for a rather big crowd of pilots to start on each of their home airports, with exactly 1 destination.

    Afaik, that 1 destination at that time was ICAO: VOGO International airport, which is the International airport for the town of Goa, India.

    With my airline, VOGO is not on the official summer schedule 2020. But, and that's almost exactly what I responded on his invitation,
    VOGO has a 11,253 feet runway (3430 meter). That definitely is long enough for a Boeing, type 747-400 , not the matter from which direction I should arrive... (!).

    PS: For me it is a real pleasure to see that not only German pilots take care for German passengers who sit e.g. in New Zealand and who like to be taken home. For me, it is at least since my favorite airline inaugurated the 747-400 in the year 1989
    an implicitness (dt.: Selbstverständlichkeit)
    or let's say rather a duty,
    to care for all passengers who are within the range of a LH 747. And that originally even included Melbourne Tullamarine International airport, with 1 stop, which indeed was taken in India, that's what experienced LH 747 Flight Instructors said, shortly before they left their airline at the age of.. 60 (?) to become a private propeller flight instructor....

    In active remembrance of Lufthansa 747 Flugkapitän Stefan Lane-Huelsenberg, who left his airline after 42 years in the air, to become a private propeller flight instructor. His aircraft history? Would destroy the word limiter of only 1 jetphotos forum post. Only that far, he climbed up to the 747, descended down to the A320, and ended as an Airbus Check Captain on the A340. His last flight as a Flight Captain on the long haul for Lufthansa was Panama City, Panama.
    [available on youtube]
    Always one feet of air beyond the a/c, Check Captain L-Huelsenberg, all the very Best here from my side!

    If this is the definition of an aviation alliance, here in this case the Star Alliance, then Lufthansa has definitely chosen a good aviation alliance. Let's bring them home!

    Plus one for our Star Alliance partner in Mumbai. ... VeeJay? I own a quite frightening ability for the remembrance of names.. His first name always was..
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    That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
    The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
    And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
    Aviation enthusiast, since more than 35 years with home airport EDDL.