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Current A380 operators.

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  • LUNN
    Where is the list?

    Qatar may not return A380 to service.

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  • glidescopeAviation
    [QUOTE]So what's the new Air France flagship?[QUOTE]

    787 or A350 most probably.

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  • LH-B744
    Alex, I need one another. Please let me.

    Air France has also decided that their A380s are much too big. Air France, I mean this is

    Air France!

    Not only in my eyes, but definitely the inventor of the Airbus A380. It was a French aviation engineer who thought, bah, that 747 is too small. I don't quite remember his name, but I'm sure that the A380 is of French Origin.

    And now, Air France is the second major International airline in Europe, who will never again take off in an Airbus A380,
    #2, after Lufthansa.
    Sometimes, wikipedia is really fast.
    In this very moment, the en wiki for Air France is on my screen, and they do NOT mention their ten A380s as active aircraft in the Air France fleet, for May 2020!

    Air France Fleet History
    Airbus A380-800 (2009-2020).


    PS: I just wonder what Air France after all will call their flagship. Here at Lufthansa, I don't think that there is a doubt... ..
    But the AF Fleet History also contains
    Boeing 747-400 (1991-2016).
    That's remarkable also if you know that Air France is one of the only very very few well known airlines, who together with Lufthansa joined the 747 club
    in the year 1970. But after 46 years, Air France decided to leave the 747 club.

    So what's the new Air France flagship?

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  • LH-B744
    10 years in the A380 club with Lufthansa. That's less than my jetphotos membership. But I see reasons for that.

    1. Why a wingspan of 80 meter (!), or 261 ft 8 inches. My home airport Lohausen Intl (DUS) does not have a problem with that, not either if Emirates likes to come back to DUS with their huge flyin swan.
    But not all airports in Germany provide three terminals with 500 meter space each (DUS), thus 1500 meter or 1.5 kilometer space, to park wingtip beside wingtip beside wingtip beside wingtip...
    I heard that an airport which they try to build in Berlin since anno Domini 2006, only has 1400 meter..

    2. Why a wingspan of 80 meter? With the circumstance that in Berlin until today, May 2020, they do not own one airport which is able to handle an A380 and its 500 or 600 passengers.

    3. Why a wingspan of 80 meter, when since 1970 the Original is in the air, with a wingspan of only 64.5 meter (only 211 ft 5 inches)? The Gold Member.

    PS: The Alpha India Mike Mike, left by her Captain and all her F/Os, in German: 'Das wars.' I have found a source, with photos:
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Current A380 operators.

    Current A380 operators.

    Well. I really try hard to find topics where I can put in sentences which just are in my mind. And I am sure that in the past I wrote something about the
    Lufthansa Airbus A380, and the fact that CEO Spohr also before that damn disease was sure

    that only a hand full of once 14 Lufthansa A380-800 passenger jets

    will survive in the Lufthansa fleet.

    The newest thing which I heard is, Spohr does no longer want the Lufthansa A380. It is simply much too big.

    Thus, Lufthansa becomes or already is one former A380 operator. So, as far as I know, this is one of the shortest memberships in a long haul a/c type club, where Lufthansa ever participated since 1955.
    [For example, compared to my avatar.]

    Lufthansa, member in the A380-800 club (2010-2020).

    PS: I almost watch everything on TV which is broadcasted about my favorite airline, and I am almost sure that something like
    'The last arrival of a Lufthansa A380 flight ever in Germany, before all a/c of this type in the LH fleet are grounded forever.'
    was already on German TV.

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