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Air Canada Boeing 737-8 MAX suffers engine issue

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  • LH-B744
    Men, exactly for this sunday, I polished my fsx simulator and Dulles International.. How could I be so wrong. But rather a little bit too early.

    I confused Sunday the 10th with Wednesday the 20th. Really, that late?

    Inauguration on a late Wednesday in January. But I'll even survive that. I have survived 42 years, or to be precise, rather 42.9 years until today. So, the next 14 days are a piece of cake for me.

    My last virtual visit in D.C. dates back to the Lufthansa winter schedule 2016. When the world had to say CU soon, to one of the best father figures in the White House after Jimmy Carter, with the name Obama.

    If you ask the younger members in your family, the picture might not always be as perfect as you think it is when you only ask your younger supporters. But that's life. You survive it!

    [offtopic zone definitely closed now.]

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  • LH-B744
    [I know when I'm offtopic, don't bore me.]

    Alex, is it a lie when I try to say that in Germany nobody really trusts a man before his 45th birthday? No chance for Spahn, he simply is too young! But.
    In Canada, things seem to be much easier for "young men". 43 years old, and still young?

    Even when I look at the mayor who since a few months is behind the town of my home airport, he is no longer young, if 43 is still young.
    50 years old, when he became the "new" mayor behind EDDL .

    Germany sometimes really seems like such an odd old country to me, Alex!

    Germany should learn from Canada, or from France:

    Men who like to engage for their country and their home airport are not necessarily older than 45. Or what would you say, Alex?

    PS: To be honest, Emmanuel Macron was younger than me when he became the President of France. So, where is the border, the minimum age to do good things not only for yourself but also for people who you don't know personally and, the important difference,
    who might be only as half as old as you.

    This is, I fear, one of the best questions for Mr Joe Biden. But he has a daugther who is younger than me, and quite exactly half as old as her father.
    And Joe Biden is one of the best supporters of his younger predecessor, the Obama family.

    How old is the youngest Flight Captain in the Lufthansa family? Not necessarily older than 30, as I assume. But I don't know the numbers for January 2021.

    Think back, what did you need when you were 30 or younger. Shopping downtown, cinemas, theatres, ... That's so very difficult in Germany today, no cinemas, no theatres, no restaurants (!), ... nothing.
    But what we have is, vaccination (only for the oldest people in town), silence after 11 a.m. also on weekends (only for the oldest people in town), ...

    This is what you get with a German government which was young the last time in 1984 (!).

    [offtopic zone is closed now.]
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-06, 00:01. Reason: My hope is with Father J. Biden, and all his younger supporters!

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  • LH-B744
    Hi, you shiny new jetphotos member!

    Well. I know only one or two things about Air Canada. One thing is, they owned a fleet of Air Canada Boeing 747s, between 1971 and 2004. Which is not a short time, 33 years. That's more than a silver wedding.

    The second thing which I know about Air Canada is, they still own a fleet of B773ER jets. Which not each and every airline beyond the pond is able to state...

    A thing which I did not know about Air Canada is, ...

    they suffer from MCAS, until today?

    I have written really alot concerning MCAS here on jetphotos. If MCAS were a disease, I'd say, and I only second what my friend Gabriel also says, Boeing was able to avoid that.

    With a smaller version of the 767, or, a new version of the 757. But definitely without such a complex software, named MCAS!

    Let's look where the 737 Max 8 aims at, with length, wingspan, range, and passenger capacity:
    737 Max 8 (Air Canada fleet) - 39.47 m long - 35.92 m wingspan - 3550 nmi range - and 169 passenger seats, only available with MCAS.

    757-200 - 47.3 m long - 38.0 m wingspan - 3900 nmi range - and 200 passenger seats, only available without MCAS.
    757-300 (Condor Flugdienst fleet) - 54.4 m long - 38.0 m wingspan (!) - 3400 nmi range - and 275 passenger seats, only available without MCAS.

    So, in my eyes you even do not need a new 757 version. If you need more range than in a 737-800 (2900 nmi range), you need a 757-200!

    I know, now Air Canada only needs somebody who sells a 757-200. But why don't they talk with Boeing. I know that the 747 was not a Boeing idea, but it was an order by Juan T. Trippe of Pan Am, who said, give me something bigger than the 707.

    So. Give me something without MCAS!

    PS: Another idea, Juan T. Trippe was 28 years old when he became CEO and founder of Pan Am, and he stayed in this position 1927-1968.
    Carsten Spohr was 47 years old when he became CEO of Lufthansa.
    And, Alex, you may throw me out of the internet for this comparison, but,
    Mr Rovinescu was 53 years old when he became CEO of Air Canada. And, the last but not the least Canadian for tonight,

    Mr Justin P.J. Trudeau was ... ....... ..... .. 43 years old when he became Prime Minister of Canada.

    I am tempted to say, the younger the man, the better the ideas. We should learn from Juan T. Trippe and simply order what we need!
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-05, 21:29. Reason: We order what we need.

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  • CYRQ
    started a topic Air Canada Boeing 737-8 MAX suffers engine issue

    Air Canada Boeing 737-8 MAX suffers engine issue

    An Air Canada Boeing Co 737-8 Max en route between Arizona and Montreal with three crew members on board suffered an engine issue that forced the crew to divert the aircraft to Tucson, Arizona, the Canadian airline company said in an emailed statement on Friday.

    Shortly after the take-off, the pilots received an "engine indication" and "decided to shut down one engine," an Air Canada spokesman said.

    "The aircraft then diverted to Tucson, where it landed normally and remains." The incident took place on Dec. 22.