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747 destinations back then and nowadays, worldwide.

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  • LH-B744
    For all those who seem completely confused now..

    It was only a soccer match, completely unimportant. Wembley Soccer Stadium, Sunday July 11th 2021.

    And the winners are.. Donnarumma, and the so called 'perfect couple' Chiellini/Bonucci, and Chiesa, and Mancini, and ...

    Completely unimportant, or what would you say.., but the prayer has worked.

    Roberto Mancini had tears in his eyes when the Dutch chief referee said that this final match has come to its end. And Mancini is 13 years older than me. But sometimes, years don't make a difference. Also my eyes became wet, after Donnarumma made the way free for some Italian Nights.

    PS: The Dutch chief referee, B. Kuipers, is 5 years older than me. That somehow gives me hope that at the age of 45 not everything necessarily must come to an end..
    By the way, very dear greetings to Mr. G. Buffon (*1978_), who somehow is 'the father' of Donnarumma.

    And now, some Italian Nights!
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  • LH-B744
    Roma Fiumicino, February 1986

    The Alitalia Mike Foxtrot, AZ-B742, on final to Rome. Don't ask me how I just got the idea of exactly this destination....

    Italian Nights...

    PS: To be honest. On Sunday during lunch, I wouldn't have set a dime on Italy. Since 1978, I have never set one dime on whatever.

    But I sent a prayer. Please let Italy win!
    And obviously somebody has heard that prayer. Thank you.
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  • 747 destinations back then and nowadays, worldwide.

    Well. From time to time, people ask me if I don't like Delta Air Lines. And, if that were true, why.

    I think, today is a good day to say that I never in my whole life had something against Delta. How could I. The DL-B763ER connects my home airport to rest of the Delta network.
    At least until March 2020 that was true...

    Probably I am really too old (!) to really associate a 747-400 with Delta Air Lines.

    I started this topic to show what the jetphotos database is good for. So, for each and every destination, I try to find a jetphoto, the year of the photo always included.

    Boston Logan International, year 2020

    Minneapolis St Paul, year 2017 - and this in my eyes never has been a Delta airport, nevertheless I found this photo:

    Minneapolis St Paul, as I knew it when I became a jetphotos member back then, a NorthWest airport for more than 80 years, MSP in the year 2008:

    Honolulu, year 1982

    Honolulu, year 2006

    To be continued...