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  • Dubai Air Show results

    Airbus 404 orders, Boeing 101 orders.

    If anybody had any doubt about the importance of the MoM market, the type most sold was the A321 neo and the 2nd was the A321 XRL neo.
    Another strategical failure for Boeing.

    Oh, and the 3rd one was the A220.
    Yet another strategical failure for Boeing.

    Boeing has basically nothing to compete in the narrow body and MoM markets, except for 737 MAX for current 737 NG users.
    But while Airbus has something to offer to Boeing 737 users, Boeing has nothing to offer to A320 users. And has nothing for the MoM and regional sectors after not reaching a deal with Embraer.

    Good luck Boeing with the 787 and the 777X, because in the civil aviation world that's all you have left.

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    Originally posted by Gabriel View Post
    Good luck Boeing with the 787 and the 777X, because in the civil aviation world that's all you have left.
    Not to mention, both the 787 and 777X already have a tarnished reputation.

    Don't get me wrong, Airbus have had plenty of problems themselves. I was lucky enough to visit their Hamburg factory in early 2019, the tour guide admitted that the company had flaws but these have proven to be insignificant compared to Boeing's.

    To be completely blunt, its clear that Airbus' multi-national approach to development and manufacturing has made it a lot harder for any single aviation regulatory body to get overly comfortable with the company. At the end of the day, practically any Western aviation authority will simply accept the FAA's decisions without question. It was a disaster waiting to happen.


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      Cue comments alluding to the 707 with two engines and high-clearance landing gear…

      I liked how they waggled in the breeze…kinda 172-like.
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