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Avianca unveils new image!

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  • Avianca unveils new image!

    February 28th.
    Avianca's new colors and overall image were officially launched at 5:15pm GMT-5 in the Maintenance Hangar number 2 of Avianca at El Dorado Airport in Bogotá. It had the presence of authorities and some of Avianca's partners.
    Germán Efromovich, the Airline's owner also showed the Avianca's new philosophy and vision, and Juan Emilio Posada left the CEO position which now is occupied by Fabio Villegas. Juan Emilio Posada is now the CEO of Synergy Aerospace, which encomprises Avianca, Ocean Air, Vipsa and Wayra Perú

    Images of the first Airplane to wear the new image, EI-CEZ, a Boeing 757 can be seen here (they knew they had to honor my username here...pff):

    Personally I really like this scheme, not better than the old red, but waaay better than the current one, just as I thought.
    Excellent scheme IMHO overall.

    Thumbs up for AV!

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    It looks great The tail reminds me of the new Airbus tail colorscheme.
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      Glad they're reversing the trend by going from "euro white" to more colours!

      However, it seems like the wave pattern on the fuselage is suspiciously similar to BMI


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        Νice new c/s
        747 SP rules!


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          Yesss, no Eurowhite . And way better than the Summa Alianza colors, also looks more like the original colors again.


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            Nice, it's hard to go wrong with clean and swoopy, reminds me a little of BMI's brilliant scheme.



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              looks nice. didn't they change their livery recently?


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                Awesome SLIGHTLY reminds me of the old C/S
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                  HOW DARE THEY COPY OFF BMI!


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                    Looks amazing!

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                      Great, pretty great. The airline appointed the right designers who in turn show a good exemple in how mixing old with new. It's reminiscent of the days when AV fleet members were red-roofed and silver bottomed well before the advant of the red & white dolphin wave.
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                        looks good! Creative, I like it...
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                          I dig it.
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                            Originally posted by bmiChris2k5
                            HOW DARE THEY COPY OFF BMI!
                            Hey I think there are few ways of doing a wavy pattern that is attractive, and besides that little pattern (that isn't even exactly the same as BMI) I don't see anything that is "copied", the colors are different, so is the logo, anyway. If we took copies like that then it'd be copied from Lan Chile also who copied Australian and so on.

                            And not only that, but all the 80s Airlines would have copied themselves.. "ohh that plane has a cheatline!, oh but also that plane from that other Airline!, ohhh! Airline number 2 how dare you copy off Airline number 1!" I think it just doesn't work like that.

                            Yes, it's somehow reminding of BMI, but not a copy in any way.

                            For that matter this seems more like a copy for me:

                            [photoid=414441] TO [photoid=330846]


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                              I got one of the pics from a friend and he said the one who took it sent it to him and that I could post it here, look!

                              Thanks to Daniel Gómez and Rafael Esquivel.