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Can an older plane such as a 1945 Luscombe be instrument rated?

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  • Can an older plane such as a 1945 Luscombe be instrument rated?

    Is it possible to cram some of the latest GPS's or autopilots into an old plane such as a Luscombe 8E/F or Taylorcraft?

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    One possible problem with putting the latest avionics in one of those older planes is that the electrical system may not be able to handle the additional load of all the new electronics. But if you were willing to upgrade the electrical system and other possible aircraft system upgrades then the latest avionics could be installed.
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      Putting all that jazz alone in an airplane won't get it certified for IFR flight. The a/c first has to be certified in the type certificate. You also have to have the standard instruments as required by FAR 91 to fly the a/c in IMC, as well as the required pitot static check. It's been a long time since I dealt with GA stuff, so I don' remember all the ins and outs. As far as avionics, all you are required to have is nav radios, com radios, and a transponder. GPS not required. In fact, many aren't IFR certified anyway.

      Short answer.... Maybe, but if its not certified for it already, its going to cost a ton of money.
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