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4000th Airbus delivered

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    I like Airbus and Boeing equally as much, however I've gotta say, all the Boeing fans who have posted something bad or negative on this thread are just starting to get a chill down their spines because they're scared that Airbus is catching up to Boeing - FAST! It's just like the Ashes, after all these years of Australia being dominant, England are finally becoming more competetive!


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      Congrats to Airbus and well done event. Picking up LH as the lucky airline was also a smart move
      -to reward the German airline for its continuous support, far better than AF which acts more or less like BOAC towards the VC10
      -to honour Mr Gustav Humbert, German national and CEO for his first official ceremony, nothing was more appropriate than picking up Lufthansa.
      Well done.
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        Originally posted by PT737SWA
        Someone make me a moderator, I'll just ban him myself.
        Hey, don't take away my work .


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          Wow...sorry guys, I never ventured inside this thread until today when someone sent me the link.

          In the future, when you guys witness such inappropriateness, please drop one of the mods a line. We don't read every thread.

          BTW, there will be mulitple bans handed out for this. Stay tuned.

          I'm very disappointed.

          Ok, here are the bans:

          wannabepilot777 - 1 week: past offender, immaturity, provocation, stirring up trouble
          ACman - 1 month: severe use of profanity; however, a first time offence
          onlyboeingifly - Permanent: repeat offender, immaturity, personal attacks, provocation, multiple IDs
          ionlyflyboeing - Permanent: same as above...creating a new ID after being banned
          goingboeing - Permanent: 3rd ID after having 2 previous ones banned
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