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Continental's Relief Efforts

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  • Continental's Relief Efforts

    The following is a brief synopsis of some of Continental's relief efforts since the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina:

    * Continental has established City Ticket Offices at the three largest
    shelters in Houston -- the Astrodome, Reliant Center and the George R.
    Brown Convention Center -- and is providing any registered evacuee and
    their pets transportation to other locations in the U.S. So far hundreds
    have taken Continental up on this offer. No other airline has taken on
    such an effort. These offices are open seven days a week for up to 12
    hours each day

    * Continental was one of the last two carriers to leave New Orleans before
    the hurricane hit and flew in an extra 20 personnel from Houston to New
    Orleans on that Sunday to help evacuate as many people as possible

    * Continental flew a group of fire fighters from New York to New Orleans,
    then sent another flight from New York with their supplies

    * Over a thousand Houston Continental employees have volunteered to staff
    shelters and many more are donating needed supplies, hosting families,

    * Continental has implemented a company-wide suitcase drive to provide
    suitcases to evacuees in shelters. To date, over 600 suitcases have been

    * The airline has flown 10 relief flights out of New Orleans and stands
    ready to assist more as requested by FEMA

    * Continental is working directly with FEMA and other relief agencies to
    provide the transportation of relief supplies and personnel

    * For those passengers paying for flights out of Alabama, Louisiana and
    Mississippi, Continental has waived all advance-purchase requirements

    * Continental employees and other donors have given over $45,000 in
    emergency cash assistance via its WE CARE employee assistance fund to
    help New Orleans co-workers

    * Continental has donated tickets to rescue and humanitarian groups as far
    away as France and Japan

    * Continental's Houston flight kitchen donated 4,000 pounds of food to the
    relief effort

    * Due to increased travel to and from cities near New Orleans, Continental
    has upgraded to larger aircraft on flights to Baton Rouge, and is adding
    temporary service from New York/Newark to Baton Rouge

    * Continental donated 1,000,000 OnePass frequent flyer miles to both the
    American Red Cross and AmeriCares

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    Good for CO! I was going to crack a little joke here. 90% of the airlines would probley make more money offering these free flights then flying their regulerly scheduled flights!


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      Does anyone know where those 1,000,000 FF miles are going? Are they going to be used to pay for plane tickets?


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        So your telling us what just about every other airline did?

        Well to top you one, NW was the first to return to both Biloxi and New Orleans.