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"Pull-down" style overhead bins on Airbus widebodies

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  • "Pull-down" style overhead bins on Airbus widebodies

    I have always thought that the "pull-down" style center aisle overhead bins were only found on Boeings and Airbuses always had "lift-up lid" style bins. But a while ago I saw some pics of some A interiors and noticed that they have "pull-down" bins as well, though very rare. I think they are on SQ and EK A345 and on some older A340 of TAP or some other EU airline.

    So I just wonder why was these overhead bins not too common with Airbus operators? Were they not very effective? Not nice (ones on SQ/EK A345 were nice)? Expensive? Any particular reasons?

    Some pics to illustrate (from

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    The side bins in those pics are the standard type, with the flip up style door. Boeing's new interior has Pull down bins in widebodies (I can't remember about those narrows)
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      Those are indeed still the flip-up kind. I believe that design debuted on the A345/A346 and is now standard on all new A330 and A340 planes, as part of a mild cabin refresh.


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        Maybe my post was a bit confusing, the side bins are flip up style for sure, but I was referring to those bins above the center seats, which were obviously pull down style. Wondering why they were not used on most Airbus widebodies (or at least on the new ones), seems quite decent and gives a bit more height to the cabin.


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          Hmm you're right, all along I thought all new A330/A340s had those centre bins.
          But then I saw this photo, which is the same EK A345 but in economy:

          My guess is that the pull-down bins have a smaller capacity, which explains why they are used in the business class section of both the SQ and EK A345, while the more capacious flip-up ones are featured in economy since there are more passengers in a row. However some carriers have opted for the flip-up one in business too: