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2 rude Swedes were blacklisted.

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  • 2 rude Swedes were blacklisted.

    The Manila Times
    --Willian B. Depasupil

    FOR bad-mouthing Philippine airport immigration officers in Cebu City, two Swedish citizens have been banned by the Bureau of Immigration from reentering the country.

    The Swedes, Martin Johannes Vikman, 45, and Alexander Temelkov, 47, were placed on the immigration blacklist on April 6 on orders of immigration acting commissioner Arthel Caronongan.

    They were blacklisted for being undesirable aliens on the recommendation of immigration officers assigned at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Casimiro Madarang 3rd, MCIA chief immigration supervisor, reported that the first incident involving Temelkov happened on February 10, when the foreigner was about to depart for Hong Kong via a Cathay Pacific Airways flight.

    Madarang said Temlkov bad-mouth immigration officer Joyce Mae Almerez after she requested him to fill up an embarkation card before issuing departure clearance.

    The second ugly scene involving Vikman happened on March 12 while he was about to leave for Hong Kong.

    Almerez also received Vikman’s insult who apparently resented having to fill up his embarkation card.

    Almerez said that after she asked the Swede if he had filled up an embarkation card, the foreigner replied using obscene language.

    Immigration regulation division chief, Gary Mendoza, explained that foreign travelers who are discourteous and disrespectful toward immigration officers are deemed undesirable aliens and should be refused entry to the country.

    Mendoza said aliens do not deserve the country’s hospitality since their visit is a privilege, not a right.

    Source: The Manila Times
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    John, just try to avoid that Ms. Joyce Mae Almerez, she sounds like a tough lady.

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      Originally posted by TAP-A343
      John, just try to avoid that Ms. Joyce Mae Almerez, she sounds like a tough lady.

      Having flown to and from the Philippines 10 times in the last 2 years, I have experienced first hand the "unique" way the airports work over there.

      For those of us who have not been to NAIA, the procedure for check in is: show travel ticket and passport to guard BEFORE entering airport,(no ticket, no entry). Take two steps forward from entrance, lift case onto XRay machine. Lift case down from machine, walk 20 steps forward, put case on weighing scales, move forward 10 steps, check in baggage. Walk towards departure, show ticket, passport and boarding pass to guard, then proceed forward to pay Departure Tax, again, show your passport and boarding card, then 50 steps forward to immigration, rembering to show the Departure Tax receipt. Clear immigration, have a coffee/tea/soft drink/food. Proceed towards chosen gate, but you will encounter 2 body scanners, 2 pat downs, and 1 guard will ask you to open your carry on baggage so he/she can inspect it. Finally, board your flight! Somehow, I feel safe at NAIA!!

      I could tell you about the "Baggage Label Inspectors" but thats another story.
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        Sounds like India Rob!
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          Immigration desks at NAIA is a real nightmare. They seem professional but not like the way we think it should be done.

          *Disclaiming from the previous post though. *Im talkign by own experience.

          I was travelling alone. And an old guys was at the booth. I gave him my passport and ticket. he looked at it for 15 mins. *dont know why* I said to him right away that I dont speak tagalog but only a filipino dialect from the north of Luzon (Ilocano)

          And the fool asked me *Are you aware that Ilocano is a filipino language ? Uhm yes Im aware of that. :rolleyes:

          And then he also asked me : How come you ahve a filipino passport and you dont know how to speak tagalog ?*

          I was like thinking* FOOL. Let me trough, that has nothing to do with why or WTF do I have a filipino passport. Man I was pissed off. But since I had 20 people behind me, I didnt want to make a scene.
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            Now if only I could have banned a few rude Filipinos I used to know from the US


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              LoL. Do they really excist ??? I mean rude filipinos `?

              The filipinos are the most friendliest fliers in the world. Not in the immigration though
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