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What Happened To These Aircraft Manufacturers?

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  • What Happened To These Aircraft Manufacturers?

    What happened to these aircraft manufacturers?

    Canadair (merge or buy-out by Bombardier?)
    De Havilland (merge or buy-out by Canadair?)
    Fairchild Aerospace
    Hawker Siddeley
    Sud Aviation

    On similar notes, is BAe just British Aerospace rebranded and was McDonnell Douglas just Douglas rebranded?


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    Aerospatiale = part of EADS, read: Airbus
    BAC = BAe
    Canadair = Part of Bombardier
    Convair = No idea
    De Havilland = Bought by Boeing, sold to Bombardier
    Fairchild Aerospace = Merged with Dornier to become Fairchild-Dornier, declared Ch7 a few years ago
    Hawker Siddeley = Believe it's part of BAe, not sure though
    Illyushin = Still a seperate brand, however part of Putin's attempt at merging all Russian plane manufacturers together
    Lockheed = Decided to do only military after their multi-billion dollar failure L-1011
    Saab = Went military-only after sales of their SF-340 and SF-2000 dried up
    Shorts = Merged into BAe as well, IIRC
    Sud Aviation = Another founding member of Airbus
    Vickers = Yet another part of BAe

    McDD was the result of a merger between the Douglas Co. and McDonnell Aviation, nowhere near as successful as Douglas.


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      Aerospatiale: Merged and formed Aérospatiale-Matra, then merged with CASA, still has things with EADS

      BAC: Became BAe, then BAE Systems

      Canadair: Subsiderary of Bombardier that merged back

      Convair: Ch.11, Bankrupt after no one bought the CV-880 and CV-990

      De Havilland: Bought by Boeing, sold to Bombardier, became subsdiderary then became apart of Bombardier

      Fairchild Aerospace: Bankrupt after DO.728

      Hawker Siddeley: Merged with BAe

      Illyushin: Mergeing with other Russian manufacturers to form a big one

      Lockheed: Stopped producing commercial aircraft after the L1011

      Saab: Stopped producing commercial aicraft after S.2000, still makes fighter jets

      Shorts: Subsiderary of Bombardier

      Sud Aviation: Merged with BAC to form Airbus

      Vickers: Sold and bought by BAC


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        Lockheed is now Lockheed Martin; they just received a contract from the US government to build the Orion spaceship capsule that will return astronauts to the moon later this century.


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          Convair lost a lot of money on the 880/990 but did not go bankrupt. They merged into General Dynamics in 1953. Canadair was also owned for a period of time by GD before being resold back to the Canadian government in 1976.

          From Wikipedia (so open to error)

          The Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, universally known as Convair, was the result of a 1943 merger between Consolidated Aircraft and Vultee Aircraft, resulting in a leading aircraft manufacturer of the United States. In March 1953, Convair was acquired by General Dynamics, becoming the Convair Division of the merged company.[1] It produced aircraft until 1965, then shifted to space and airframe projects. In 1994 this aerostructures unit was sold to McDonnell Douglas, the Fort Worth facility went to Lockheed, and in 1996 General Dynamics shut down the Convair Division.


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            The L-1011 was a failure? I never knew this, I always heard of how well it sold to airlines across the globe.


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              Originally posted by Crunk415balla
              The L-1011 was a failure? I never knew this, I always heard of how well it sold to airlines across the globe.
              It was competing with DC-10 then. While 446 DC-10s were sold, only 250 L-1011s were sold. The failure of L-1011 to match up to DC-10 was due to the delay of the RR engines which was chosen as the exclusive powerplant of the L-1011. RR went bankrupt when the development cost of the RB211 went over the roof. It was rescued by the British government. And I think Lockheed was only rescued by some kind of government guaranteed loan and thus narrowly avoided Ch.11. At the end due to the high R&D cost which was way over the budgeted cost, the programme lost a lot of money for Lockheed and it bails out of the commercial airliner business. Note that after late 1970s, L-1011 was also threatened by the development of A300.
              None Planned


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                ^Indeed, the whole RB211 problems RR had were the major nail in the coffin for Lockheed's commercial plane division. Had those problems not happened (I know, hindsight is 20/20), things would have worked out way better for Lockheed, as the L-1011 was an excellent plane after all, and in now way worse than the DC-10, on the contrary. It is a much more sturdy and robust plane, and especially during the early years had a way better track record than the then-touted "deathtrap" DC-10. One of course could also speculate what the proposed Bi-Star (twin based on the L-1011) could have done, but that is too speculative.


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                  Sud Aviation
                  was merged with Nord Aviation which manufactured the Nord 262 and the C160 Transalls due for the French Airforce back in 1969/1970 to come up with Aérospatiale
                  Hawker Siddeley
                  was merged with BAC to actually form BAe
                  BAC itself
                  was the merged of Vickers with English Electric of Camberra and Lightning fames, Folland and Saunders Roe
                  Ilyushin as with any Russian fellows such as Andrei Tupolev, Yakovlev and so on
                  is the name of a design bureau founded by the engineer who bore that name. Actual manufacture was undertaken by a consortia appointed by the Soviet production ministry.
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