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BREAKING NEWS: Bizjet Down in Moscow!

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Bizjet Down in Moscow!

    Originally posted by SkyNews
    An airliner has crashed in a snowstorm on take-off at Moscow's Vnukovo airport.

    The Russian Emergency Ministry says the plane was an Airbus A310 heading for Berlin.

    The plane overturned while taking off and caught fire, air traffic controller Konstantin Fyodorov said on state-run television.

    Quoting unidentified law enforcement officials, the Interfax news agency reported that the crew survived, although emergency officials could not immediately confirm the report.

    The plane was not carrying passengers.

    Sky's Moscow Correspondent Alex Rossi said: "The weather here in the last few hours has turned into a whiteout - they're forecasting the worst weather for years - which could make it very tricky for pilots."

    More to follow...,00.html

    Another crash in Russia
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    Thankfully no one was killed, which is definitely positive. Also love how Interfax claimed this was a plane from Germanwings, when Germanwings never had A310s to begin with .


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      Yeah - At first it had gone down, hence the thread name and then it overshot the runway I've just heard froma friend that it was a Germanwings A319 but we'll have to wait for more info!


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        Originally posted by CNN
        MOSCOW, Russia(AP) -- A jet carrying three crew members but no passengers crashed at Moscow's Vnukovo airport on Tuesday, emergency and aviation officials said. An aviation official said the crew survived.

        The plane crashed upon takeoff in a snowstorm on a flight from Moscow to Berlin, an Emergency Situations Ministry spokeswoman said. She said it was an Airbus A-310, but a spokesman for Russia's Air Navigation Service, Andrei Pryanishnikov, said it was a smaller, American-made plane - possibly a corporate jet.

        He said all three people on board survived.

        The plane overturned while taking off and caught fire, air traffic controller Konstantin Fyodorov said on state-run television.

        I guess we'll have to wait until we get any confirmation on whether it was a commercial or corporate jet.


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          Another one???

          Exploded on takeoff???


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            Originally posted by JordanD

            WTF? 2 major incidents, same day, same airport?
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              I think it's more likely that they mistook whichever type of plane actually crashed with the other one.

              EDIT: Anet now seems to confirm that it was a Canadair CL-600 jet:
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                Did the eyewitnesses at VNU drink too much vodka? I can understand if people can't tell a 737 from a 757, but a CL-600 from an A310? Not that similar, now, are those? Though it makes more sense, as VNU is Moscow's GA airport of sorts.


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                  confirmed it's "only" a CL-600. No fatalities.

         in Russian
         in english

                  Plane is :
                  Aircraft Serial Number : 7099
                  Aircraft Manufacturer : CANADAIR
                  Model : CL-600-2B19
                  Engine Manufacturer : GE
                  Model : CF-34-1A
                  Aircraft Year : 1996
                  Owner Name : WELLS FARGO BANK NORTHWEST NA TRUSTEE
                  Owner Address : 299 S MAIN ST FL 12 MAC U1228-120
                  SALT LAKE CITY, UT, 84111
                  Type of Owner : Corporation
                  Registration Date : 01-Sep-2006
                  Airworthiness Certificate Type : Standard
                  Approved Operations : Transport


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                    If it's the following aircraft, that is hard to swallow, its based here at LGB and I just saw it a couple of days ago.



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                      Glad to hear everyone's ok.


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                        So I take it there was no A310?


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                          Oh snappp. Just read about it on Телекомпания НТВ website. According to the Russians the plane was to fly from Moscow to Berlin for technical checks. There were no passengers on board and varying from sources 3-4 crew members who were injured. Vnukovo airport is closed and planes are diverted to Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo.

                 - you can watch a TV News video on that site showing the airport.

                          It was a Chellenger and there are two version of the crash reason: #1 that it crashed due to bad weather conditinos and #2 that it crashed due to stalling. Imiidiately after crashing it cought fire.

                          Edit: from the lates Russian news that I wacthed the aircraft was cahrtered by Nabban Investment Inc. from Virgin Islands. There were 3 american pilots and a russian fa. The crash happened at 16:50 moscow time, 10:50 eastern at low visibility (less than 1200m)

                          LOL best place to get news about this cruss is Russian website/TV station...I love satellite LMAO @ Germanwings A310 !!!

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                            That's the smallest A310 I've ever seen...haha

                            On a serious note, glad the four on board got out OK.




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                              Wow that looks pretty bad. Good to see everybody survived. I hope their injuries aren't too serious though.