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747 BCF - Cutting Extended Top Off ?

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  • 747 BCF - Cutting Extended Top Off ?

    Here is a wild thought... passenger airlines, particularly KLM (maybe only KLM?), converted a few original 747s into Stretched Upper Deck SUD versions when the 747-300 came out. I guess Boeing did the retrofit work and extended the top hump.

    So... with 747-3s and 747-4s being turned into cargo freighters, I wonder if it is feasible, and cost efficient, to chop the extra hump down into the original size?

    I guess if nobody has done it yet, that is my answer, but just putting that out there...

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    I don't know if the airlines care. If its not costing them much fuel (turns out the hump on the 747 is very good for aerodynamics), I dont think they mind. If its not costing them much, it isnt worth the cost to unstretch it.


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      The smart ones would use the extra space for additional cargo capacity. Who in their right mind buys a freighter and cuts down how much it can carry?
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        Problem is access and size. Traditionally, freighters don't put cargo on the top.


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          I have heard its unfeasible and unecessary, the space lies empty and no kind of cargo is carried there, also heard that the rear half is made hollow with the floor removed to the range of a 747-200F to accomodate the same amount of tall cargo.

          Front half is used as crew rest area including seats, bunkers, lavatory and small galley same as on 747-200F, and thats why cabin windows are retained on it.