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    The actions had already been made, SAS costumers fears the Q400 thus SK disposing those Q400's and have "offered" them to other danish airlines.

    1 ) Sterling responded : No, we're fine with our 737NG's..
    2 ) DAT (Danish Air Transport) The ATR 42s and 72s are very reliable, we dont need to change the types.
    3 ) Cimber Air : We are not interested in those aircrafts nor will we see any change of planetype in the future as well.
    4) Sun air of Scandinavia (BA franchise) who flies Dornier 328's and 328JETs:Turned their backs on the Dash 8's as well.

    Source: (in danish)
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      I was looking at the census data, and it was interesting to find incidents at Aalborg and Copenhagen involved consecutive airframes coming out of the factory (MSN 4024, 4025). Though, they are apparently different failures so there's not much conclusion you can get from this.
      The one in Lithuania is 4035, delivered about 4 months after those two.


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        An O-ring were found blocking the landinggear on the Q400 that crashed in Kastrup. The Havarikommissionen (Danish NTSB) have no idea where that come from.

        The Danish NTSB checked the crashed Q400, it discovered an O-ring that isn’t supposed to be on the landing-gear.

        The O-ring has apparently stuck in place so that is prevented the aircraft’s RLG to extend to its position. Like the incidents at Aalborg and Vilnius airport was the socalled actuator in the landing-gear which was the problem. Where the first two incidents caused by a corrosion in a cylinder, while on this incident it’s about an O-ring blocking thus failing the landing-gear to extend.

        The O-ring didn’t came from the actuator and its origin is as of now still unknown, it says in the recent report that the Danish “NTSB” published Tuesday night.
        This article were translated from a danish source.
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          Update * 12 leased aircrafts to SAS

          SAS looks like they have re-established their "trust" with Bombardier. SAS Denmark is about ready to find a temporary replacement for their grounded Q400's. SAS plan is to lease 12 aircrafts, here by 4 CRJ's, 4 MD87's (to be dryleased from Boeing) and 4 AVRO's. Maintaining the constant flow in the SAS traffic program, thus securing the transition till SAS get their new aircrafts which is still unknown as of now.

          Source: Ritzau.
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            Avro Arrow 25206, I found out the same thing a few days ago when checking the JP.

            You have no idea how fast I started to find the registration of Q400 from the VNO incident to see if there might be a connection to 4024 and 4025.
            Best regards

            Peter Lund