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What UK airlines would you like to order the A380?

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  • What UK airlines would you like to order the A380?

    Not many UK airlines have ordered the aircraft so I would like to hear your opinions.
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    All of them!

    Reallistically, BA and VS have allready ordered. The most likely other airline to order I suppose is BMI, and I think if they have success with their A330's then the A380 (allthough a long shot away) is still on the cards.

    The charter airlines are unlikely to jump in on the A380, seeing as few charters took up the 747. However an A380 would look great in a Monarch or Thomson livery!

    If there is a short range variant (like the 747SP) then I could see low cost airlines looking at the possibilites. EZ allready use 2 different types of a/c, and with the purchase of GB airways will have 4 types, so it would seem to me that they do not follow the normal low-cost bussiness model of sticking to one particular a/c type. In my mind, there's still no chance of a lo-co like EZ or FR ordering simply because it's not their market.

    My two pence.


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      A bmi A380? More likley NO WAY IN HELL! But the livery would look good. I could see bmi ordering a 787 or A350 though. bmi would seriously have to upgrade the cabins if they got the WhaleJet.


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        VS and BA are going to be the extent of British A380 orders. Maybe some freighters down the road, but nothing in the immediate future.


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          When considering the A380, I can only think of the 3 schdeuled service airlines - BMI, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

          Seeing that BA and VS have already placed orders, I can only imagine that we are not going to see futher aircraft orders from them in the near future - as the A380 seems to be one of those aircraft that is ordered within a small amount (about 10-20) and become the flagship that is lavishly decorated and equipped.

          As for BMI, they do seem to have enough problems with their current fleet in that they never have enough aircraft. When one of their A330s have an issue they are royally screwed. I can see them needing to improve on their current fleet (getting more long-haul aircraft) in order to even consider the larger aircraft.
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            How many have BA ordered?


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              Originally posted by mattbartlett
              How many have BA ordered?
              12 plus 7 options.


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                I think the A380 will look great in BA livery and bmi livery, I hope they get some! I also hope get some.


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                  In terms of liveries, the DoubleDecker would look very nice in quite a few dresses.
                  But in terms of today's economics, chances are that BA and VS will be UK's representatives. Not bad after all, most other countries will contend with just one locally based operators
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