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US Crew Falls Sick in Flight

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  • US Crew Falls Sick in Flight

    BOSTON - Five crew members including two pilots on a US Airways flight from Washington to Boston fell ill on Monday after reporting an odor and were treated by paramedics when they landed, aviation officials said.

    The crew and 81 passengers on Flight 2022, Airbus A319 shuttle service, left Washington's Reagan National airport at 7:30 a.m. EST. The crew then reported a sulfur-type odor in the cockpit, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

    The plane returned to Washington where they switched to another Airbus jetliner and proceeded to Boston.

    A spokesman for Boston's Logan airport said the smell on the first airplane was possibly smoke or rubber, but the airline said it had not yet confirmed the origin of the problem.

    The FAA said the crew did not report any problems to air traffic controllers during the flight but complained of feeling sick when they arrived at Logan at 10:20 a.m. The FAA is investigating whether the sickness was caused by the odor on the first plane.
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    It looks like cleaning service accident two types chemicals might be attack not realized after cleaning overnight. I don't know how it happens.



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      Another security breach there. It turned out to be terrorists disguised as cleaning crew, who planted these chemicals on the plane.... lol

      Joke aside, thank GOD this was not that serious. It could have been worse.
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        actually it was the dog, you know the one they put in the cockpit to bite the pilot in case he touches anything. lol
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