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    I have a question for those of you who know CDG inside out: How long does it take to get from one terminal to another? What are the options, is it just walking or is there a bus? Specifically speaking, what I'm planning to do is arrive at 2F and catch a flight departing from 2B. The catch is that I would have to claim my bags first and then check them in again at 2B. The time I would have to do all this is about 2 and a half hours. Is this possible to do, or is it a bad idea? Also, if I arrive from Ireland, do I have to go through customs?



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    ^I don't know CDG inside out, but having connected there several times now, it would be a good bet that you'll have a long bus ride at least once (either after arrival or from the gate to your connecting flight). In fact, of all the times I've connected there I don't recall not getting in a bus at least once every time. Unless you're an aviaion enthusiast who likes long bus rides at airports, CDG is not a connection-freindly airport. And nearly all international pax (even intra-Europe ones) are required to go through security after arrival. To connect to 2B, you'd have to take a bus anyway. All that being said, 2 1/2 hr. is still plenty of time to get to your connecting flight at CDG. About the bags though, if you can, you should definitely try to check your bags all the way through to the destination airport.


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      Hello, connecting between Terminal 2 and 1 is now easy with CDGval, it's a automatic train, quite fast.

      If you are arriving from T2F and going to T2B you may walk, it's very close.

      If you have really heavy bags and big items, you can use buses, those 2 terminals are really close from one to another.

      Jonathan Zaninger, Paris Spotter


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        ^Uh, I'm guessing you meant the train between the new satellite and Terminal 2F?


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          no the train is not only connecting T2 and the new satellite S3, but also all terminal and parkings.

          The long term parkings like PR and PX have a train station, as well as T3, T2 and T1. they'r also building an extension to the futur terminal T2G and T2h and the new satellite S4

          Before you had to take buses between the different terminals. Now all you have to do is jump on the train, and there you are

          About building in the futur, their are projects to build a Terminal 5 in the north of the airport, still under project.



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            ^That's good news, the train should help out in connections, does it drop you off pre-security or post-security though?