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South African Boeing 747-400?

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  • South African Boeing 747-400?

    When did happen phrase out B744 for South African? I noticed the flight scehdules do not show anymore any of B744 in thier fleets. I see all they have Airbus 340's. Why SAA didn't want 747-400? It seems pretty young plane. Who are buyers to all of from SAA now?



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    Yep, all major routes (e.g. JFK, LHR, FRA, HKG) seem to be served by A340-600 now, except SA236 (JNB-LHR) showing "EQV" as equipment. On SA's web site, it still states it has 6 747-400s. But that may just be web info that's not updated.

    A340-600 has the same passenger capacity as 777-300(ER) and 747-200, so it's not much smaller than 747-400. It seems natural to use A346 to replace 744 (just as many airlines are using 773ER to replace 744). After all, 744 is not a new type. It first flew almost 20 years ago and I think SA was one of the first airlines to fly the type, so probably their 744s are quite old already.
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      That's correct. Phase out happened at the end of October IIRC. Hopefully they'll live on as Freighters.


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        SAA retired their 744s because they were paying ridiculously high leasing rates for them and weren't able to renegotiate lower rates, so they retired them. Of course, it makes you wonder about their loadfactor when they can replace 6 jets with a combined 2200-2400 seats and not face capacity restraints.