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    Great to hear from you again, Tom! Its been a while. Great video as always, I really enjoy your stuff, you should try and get a DVD or something out there for the next SFO Airliner Show, I'd buy one. You're videos really bring me back, especially the SJC ones. The days of Reno Air, Westair, TWA, it all seems like so long ago. If you'd ever be interested, I have the ability to escort people past security at SFO granted I get you a visitors pass. You could probably find some good spots to get some videos from. I'd take you on the ramp, but I dunno if they'd like that, seeing as they get pissy when I go down there on my own with my camera for no reason but my own pleasure.

    Jerry, it wasn't very long ago that DC-10s were everywhere. Hell, I remember back in the 90s at SFO, Northwest would have up to 5 DC-10s at SFO at a time, United and American had a few comming in every hour, Hawaiian had 2 or 3 a day, Leisure Air and OAI had a few everyday, and Sun Trips eventually had 2 daily DC-10 flights. Plus LH Cargo and FedEx had DC-10Fs comming in. I can only imagine how many LAX saw everyday in the 90s, when you must have been around. Probably many more than SFO had.


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      stunning video! great stuff


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        Absolutely magnificent video Tom. I have always love this particular aircraft..
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          Great set of videos, thanks for posting.

          As for the DC 10, it was still in plenty even as late as '99. American had DC 10's flying in and out of its DFW hub, and it used it on runs between DFW and HNL, SJU, ORD etc, even when I was down at DFW in '02, I saw the last of the DC 10s in person. I remember seeing an AA DC 10-30 at gate A36 at DFW back in May '99 when I was on my way to India, only wish I knew of a hobby called aviation photography back then!