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    I got this in a Calgary Airport Watch Program email:


    On Saturday (24/11), part of Ahmedabad Airport (AMD) was evacuated when
    the bomb squad was called to deal with a suspicious unattended bag in the
    terminal. The bag was examined, but was found to contain nothing


    On Sunday (25/11), it was reported that Police at Jakarta's Soekarno
    Airport arrested two men in possession of forged police identity cards, and
    counterfeit car number plates that are usually issued to senior police
    officers. The suspects who are reportedly employed as travel agents,
    used the false number plates to park close to the terminal, where they were
    able to expedite their clients through the airport.


    On Tuesday (20/11), the Transportation Ministry announced that they
    planned to introduce an accreditation system for the flight crew of all
    commercial aircraft entering Israeli airspace. The Security Code System
    requires pilots to carry a credit card sized PIN number generator. Aircraft who
    fail to provide the correct PIN number will be turned away from Israeli


    On Tuesday (19/11), the recently appointed Special Advisor on Aviation,
    Shehu Usman Iyal, stated that it was his intention to reduce drug
    trafficking and improve security at the nation's international
    airports. Capt Iyal, an experienced airline pilot, stated that if drug
    trafficking is not curbed, humiliation awaits Nigerian nationals when they travel
    abroad. He added that airlines and cabin crew are involved in the drugs trade,
    which helps to portray Nigeria as the weak link in the global war against
    drugs and money laundering. He also added that airline and airport staff have
    colluded with criminal syndicates who send out "419" letters, and were
    also involved in meeting victims when they arrived in


    On Wednesday (21/11), a suicide bomber is reported to have blown
    himself up after he was stopped by security personnel at the entrance to Saidu
    Sharif Airport (SDT) in the northwest of the country. Reports indicate that
    the man, who was driving a Suzuki car, failed to stop when directed to do
    so by security forces. The vehicle exploded when security forces opened fire.
    There were no other reported casualties.

    On Sunday (25/11), supporters of former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz
    Sharif forced their way through security cordons at Lahore's Iqbal Airport
    Hundreds of supporters forced their way into the terminal, with some
    reaching the VIP lounge. Police carried out repeated baton charges on
    the crowd in an attempt to force their dispersal, and prevent a welcome
    reception for the returning exiled PM.


    On Monday (19/11), a King Air C90 aircraft
    operated by Tropicair was
    hijacked by two security guards who were on board. The aircraft was
    carrying a large quantity of cash between Port Moresby and Kiunga and Tabubil in
    the Western Province on behalf of Bank South Pacific. The two guards forced
    the aircraft to land at an abandoned airstrip in Daugo, where they were met
    by three accomplices. The two Australian pilots were handcuffed to a tree,
    and the gang made good their escape with an estimated PGK4.7million
    (US$1.7million). Police say that one of the hijackers was later shot
    dead, two were captured and a large amount of the money was recovered.


    On Thursday (22/11), a member of staff at Khudzhand airport (LBD) was
    arrested by Customs officers while attempting to board a flight to
    Moscow in possession of almost 7kg of heroin. The drugs were soaked into sheets
    of medical cotton, which was then stitched inside blankets contained in