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  • Favorite Business Jet

    I would like to know, what your favorite business jets are? There are millions of different types but what is the ultimate one? are there some spotters from very busy GA airports?
    See you!
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    Im probably alone on this one but...


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      ^The Lockheed Jetstar, definitely worth a mention because it stands out from the crowd. I mean, a small Bizjet with an IL62-like engine layout? Certainly unique.

      As for my choice, not that I could even remotely afford a months downpayment on one, I'd say the Gulfstream V, essentially because of its range.


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        bbjs, its kinda self explanatory, but i also like embraer ones too

        yes i am a boeing fan, and i know thats a airbus, haha


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          I always liked the JetStar. Typical overbuilt Lockheed airplane.

          I used to fly Lear 24s and 25s, then on to a Sabreliner 40A. They both have their strong points. The Lear was the better performer, but the Sabre was more stable, easier to fly, beefier, and better equipped. I'll take either a 25 or Sabreliner any day.

          There's a some pics of my old ride on here. Search for N8500 and they'll come up. The cockpit pic has me in it.
          Bite me Airways.....


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            definately the Cessna 750 Citation X, fast, smart and with decent range too, i was lucky enough to have a look inside one, but cant find a picture of one without watermarks.


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              I would have to say the Bombardier Global Express, lots of range, and enough room to spread out a bit. Plus they dont look too bad either.

              Will C.


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                Lear 31A - I stood next to one one day and fell in love


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                  Another vote for a Boeing business Jet

                  P.S. Santa you can park mine over at Million Air at KAVL
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                    My fav would have to be the Dassault Falcon 7X. I've always liked Dassault planes, but the 7X just blows me away!
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                      I enjoy the GV or the new Hondajet...
                      Tanner Johnson - Owner
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                        If that doesn't count, then its gotta be one of the old Lears:


                        I'll never forget that engine noise, slightly humorous callsign with the accent as well.
                        (please forgive the self-plug)


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                          I vote for the Gulfstream G550. Awesome performing plane!




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                            It might be because I've been around them more than others, but Citations really do it for me.
                            Only seen a Gulfstream once, and that was a G-450, and that was a sweet looking plane.


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                              I'm a bit stuck on this one. I love the G550, Citation X, Citation Sovreign, and Falcon 7X. They are all great aircraft, but if I had to pick my absolute favorite, I would have to go with the Falcon 7X.