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BA announces first routes, equipment for US-Europe flights

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    Originally posted by DAL767-400ER
    If BA were going after the premium carriers, they'd go into ORY instead of CDG, because that's where L'Avion is, and most importantly, would also enter STN an LTN to fight with the others, yet these 757s will be used outside of London, despite LON being the main market under pressure from the premium carriers.
    But I had to wonder, if the business-only carriers had the oppurtunity to take on slots at the major European airports (LHR, CDG, AMS) wouldn't they. I mean I understand that they are targeting a business population (on that has rejected the idea of flying through the hub airports), but then again, it also limits the amount of passengers coming into the airline. I mean, if a business man was considering travelling from Nice or Cannes or another part of Europe and wanted to take advantage of an all-busines class carrier, they would be forced to fly to CDG and then take ground-transport to get to Orly (to get onto L'Avion). I think that this move taps into a muh larger market (of O/D market and of the massive amounts of connecting passengers at CDG).

    I wonder what they are going to do next. I mean, had LH been more agressive at pushing to LHR then maybe we would be seeing them announching FRA-JFK on BA Business. Either way, I think that it is a great move. The other 'business' only carriers have been limited by size and economies of scale for a while. With the support of BA mainline (experience wise, and well as fianacially) they have the oppurtunity to be massively successull.
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