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The QSST - "A Private concorde for Business Travellers"

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  • The QSST - "A Private concorde for Business Travellers"

    The Quiet Supersonic Travel.

    I like the Delta design. In term of how the modern techonology goes aviation point of view, Shouldn't we be having an equal but better replacement of the Concorde now ? Looking back at the line, it seems like the manufacturers has fallen off the time line. Will Boeing ever re-open the Supersonic Cruiser ?

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    A very interesting design indeed. I have to wonder though - at what cost will this aircraft be available?

    Anyway, to shed some light on the question of the supersonic airliner - we are going to have to consider that it is not necessarily that airliner manufactureres have fallen behind, but rather that engine manufactureres have not be keeping up with that trend. There is just simply no way to produce a fuel-efficent, quiet, supersonic aircraft engine. More airlines are being painted as the great polluters of the sky, and in order to shake that image are looking at aircraft that provide are cleaner burning. While that may be the publically-projected face to the story, simply put - the rising costs of fuel are chasing airlines to consider using aircraft like the 787 in order to fly into the future. No one, save a few, are going to want to operate a SST when the costs are outrageous. Transfer the higher costs to the consumer, and once again no one can afford it. Had the price to travel on Concorde been less, then maybe we would have seen more around.
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      That's just what we need at a time when aviation is seen as the primary source of Global Warming, a gas-guzzling supersonic bizjet for some rich bAstards that don't give a crap about the environment. Sorry, the QSST might look nice, but in the end, it will just be a gas-guzzling behemoth that will produce as much CO2 as a 744 and transport like 0.05% the pax a 747 carries.

      As for the Sonic Cruiser, Boeing will relaunch that one when fuel goes below $50bbl, or in other words, never.


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        Interesting video
        the Mercury Grand Marquis really looks cheap, the screenwriter and the director could have added some distinctive feature by renting a Bentley Continental sedan or an Audi A8
        Interesting design, but if coming true, a possible airframe maintainance technician's nightmare ....
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          The whole clip looks cheap and I hope, it is only a giant joke.

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