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Big Sky ceasing East Coast Operations...

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  • Big Sky ceasing East Coast Operations...

    Big Sky has notified Delta that Jan 8th will be their last day to fly to cities on the East Coast - they are going back to servicing only their core routes in Montana.. (kinda reminds me of when they pulled out of their southern routes to DFW a few years ago)..

    Because of this, Delta is canceling all code share agreements with Big Sky and working on rebooking passengers on the affected flights out of Boston and Cincinnati...

    The only current route that Delta has said will stay is Bangor - Boston and Comair will take over that route with a 50 seat CRJ...

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    Didn't they like just start a few months ago? What caused them to pull out so soon?



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      They just started in April as a Delta Connection carrier...

      Here is a news article that gives more info -- and sounds even worse for Big Sky then I thought...some of the East Coast flights are EAS routes, which means they will loose their EAS routes in Montana as well, that is an additional 7 cities besides the ones they are cutting as Delta Connection..


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        Word is that The MT ops are going as well, meaning this is the end for Big Sky.


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          Yes. Big Sky is going to be shut down. MAIR Holdings will be dissolved. The reason? Since Northwest bought Mesaba, MAIR / Paul Foley no longer needs Big Sky to play the whipsaw game against Mesaba.
          Bite me Airways.....


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            A sad story, the only good news is that KBGR will still be getting that KBOS service with a bigger plane. By the way, what will Big Sky do with their planes, sell them, or are they headed for the scrap yard?
            Will C.


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              I'm sure Great Lakes could use some of the B1900's for there EAS routes that there short of Aircraft on.
              John Poshepny

              If the Wright brother were alive today Wilbur would have to fire Orville to reduce costs. Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines, 'USA Today,' 1994


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                So does this mean that the Dash-8s are coming back or did they ever leave?