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WTF. More TSA Horse Manure

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    Do you have reading problems? If you read the article, you will see it is a safety issue not a TSA one. And it only prohibits the batteries in checked luggage, you can still carry them with you on board. People are so quick to blame someone they ignore all the facts. I know you guys are smarter than that. I hope.


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      Laptop batteries and other rechargeable batteries are fine!
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        This was sparked after a cargo plane caught fire in 2006 and the cause was Lithium-ion batteries. They have been a problem and they are trying to keep it from happening again in commercial aircraft or cargo aircraft.


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          Alright, I apologize for starting an apparent shit storm, as that wasn't at all my intent, and trying to be creative with the title didn't help either :rolleyes:, and now that I look back i realize it's DOT thing, but the set up of the whole thing seemed similar to a TSA move with no really substantial reason behind it. I didn't realize that the UPS thing might have been caused by batteries and that there is a chance they might short out and cause a problem. So I was wrong on that account.

          However, the those guild lines are somewhat confusing with the different categories and most people probably aren't going to find out about this, and they may just throw a few extra batteries in a checked bag and have it removed. Or if not a TSA agent might just be told to check for lithium batteries, so he might decide to remove any lithium batteries even those that aren't banned, which as I said is kind of unclear to begin with.