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    I have been hearing that Jet2 were meant to be adding some 767's to their fleet by the end of 2007 - obviously this hasnt happened. Ive also heard rumours that they were coming from Gulfair or XL, does anyone know anything more about this yet, or is it really just a rumour and are Jet2 not planning to get 76's at all?

    Also... what has happened to the 757 that Jet2 recently bought from TUINordic? I saw it on the news frontpage and havent heard anything more since.

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    Boeing 737-200 : 1
    Boeing 737-300 : 21
    Boeing737-400 : 1
    Boeing 757-200 : 8

    That's all i know for now. Some Sources say that it would expand some more 767 but Jet2 personel say that it is not necessary for moment.