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    Hey all...

    Hope you don't mind me plugging my internet radio show...We're gonna be talking about the airlines again, so I was hoping you all could tune in...

    'The Agenda' with G-Spot and Rob Banks - Internet Radio Show:

    SPECIAL START TIME OF 6PM EST!!! On a cerebral addition of The Agenda,'Kelly the Advice Girl' joins us again this week to dispense her knowledge. Then we take a unique look at the airline industry and all its problems, which is bound to get some people all riled up. We'll finish off with a chat about irrational fears. See? We're not always about the poop jokes...

    Don't forget, you can listen to the archive any time! Want more interaction? Call in at (347) 205-9969 or join us in the chat room!

    Thanks guys...

    'The Agenda' with G-Spot and Rob Banks - Internet Radio Show:
    I like my aircraft how I like my women...old Russian smokers!

    Planes, and girls, and stuff...SeriouslyFunny Photography.