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Your Worst Airport Terminal Experience

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  • Your Worst Airport Terminal Experience

    What is your worst airport terminal experience?

    #1: Spending 9hrs overnight at O'hare, sleeping underneath chairs outside the gate, getting hit by a vacuum by a custodian while sleeping, watching a Democratic Presidential Nominee Debate (TWICE), and then getting onto my connecting flight.
    what ever happens......happens

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    Paris CDG Terminal 2B

    Had a 6 hour delay waiting for a BA flight to Heathrow. Virtually no seating unless you go through security to the gate lounge and then there are no facilities. Terminal area is quite small with one small cafe.

    Spent a lot of time sitting on the floor talking to other frustrated pax.

    All this for a 40 minute flight.


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      Ouch! My flight was just a hopper from Chicago, IL to Kalamazoo, MI. It's about a 45-50 min flight.
      what ever happens......happens


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        Originally posted by Eric Diffoot View Post
        Ouch! My flight was just a hopper from Chicago, IL to Kalamazoo, MI. It's about a 45-50 min flight.
        You could escape to CTA train then take an Amtrak train to AZO. you'll be there by 2-3 hours later. LOL! oh well, I know it is uneasy to out. Sorry about your lousy delay.




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          Guess what I'm doing right now everytime I go from AZO to Chicago? They cancel so much at AZO it's rediculous.
          what ever happens......happens


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            Newark "Liberty" Airport, 'nuff said.


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              Same airport as brissypete, just a different terminal. Well, multiple terminals actually. Let's just say that the infamous connection ways of CDG have come into play on more than one occassion, trying to somehow get from 2D to 2C, 2E and 2F, allthewhile passing countless security, immigration and whatnot-checks, searching for places where you don't have to sell your kidney for a 0.3 bottle of water and actually finding any place to seat that's even remotely near your departure gate. And I'm not even gonna talk about my luggage usually not ending up on the same flight as me.


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                If You want the worst airport eperince, You should use Etiuda Terminal on Warsaw Airport. Its terminal for low cost flights. It has 4 gates, sometimes there are 3 departers at one time, and there is only one toilet, and not enough place for every body.


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                  LAX International Terminal. Waiting a couple of hours for QF93, didn't realise there was NOTHING to do or eat inside the gate area. OMG that was sooo boring! And i had some crappy little hotdog that cost me somehting rediculous like $8. I should of stayed in the public area for a while. DAMN! next time
                  There's nothing like an airport for bringing you down to earth. Richard Gordon


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                    Beating you all put together

                    Brazzaville/Maya Maya
                    Douala (old terminal)
                    Kinshasa N'Djili
                    Lagos Ikedja
                    Pointe Noire

                    and most other sub Saharian African gateways at times of checking-in and custom clearance stages

                    not to mention Saint-Louis/Mo in 07/2001

                    list goes on but "nuff" written
                    Thanks for visiting
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                      Lviv, Ukraine.


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                        The Delta gates at JFK. Sooooo cramped and no where near enough seats for everybody. Plus the rude New Yorkers don't make it any better...



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                          My worst experience was this past August when I left town to avoid the DNC Convention and all the associated headaches. My flight was scheduled to leave 6:15 AM local time Saturday morning, unfortunately due to my car breaking down only two days before I had no alternative but to leave for DIA 16 hours ahead of the trip since I wouldn't of made it if I left from my house even early Saturday morning, and all of the hotels were fully booked.

                          Needless to say, it was the most streesful time I ever spent in a Airport (I've spent overnights at Airports before, but up to that point the longest time was only 8 hours or so.) A recording of Mayor John Hickenlooper continuously shouted over the PA System welcoming all the DNCers' for the Convention till around 12:30 AM or so, and every few minutes or so there were the customary Security announcements, alongside the occasional barking of the Bomb-Sniffing Dogs so I couldn't get any sleep.

                          When I arrived in KROC 22 hours after "starting my journey" I was a tired wreck!


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                            Here's one for ya. Flying in from SLC to Minneapolis. Arrived late and was running to my next gate. Had to go down a flight of stairs and about 2 steps down slipped and fell down about 25 I was mortified, when I finally composed myself and sprinted to the bathroom. Broke my nose and cracked 2 ribs. But I made my


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                              ^Haven't had quite as bad experiences but CDG is probably the worst airport I've been at. To be specific, Terminals 2A and C. Seats with peeling paint, restrooms that don't work, too many security checkpoints (although since I'm easy-going, I don't mind those that much) and not enough seating in the gate areas. Oh and can't forget the bone-numbing supercooled water that comes out of the "hot" water faucets. FRA unfortunately comes in at a very close second place, with much of the same.