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    Hey all, please allow me to plug my internet radio show, since we'll be talking about airlines this week, specifically, the US Aiways river landing and more!


    On 'The Agenda' with G-Spot and Rob Banks - Internet Radio Show this week...
    Saturdays at 5pm est, archives anytime!

    On the Agenda this week: A-holes! That's right, we'll be discussing those guys you just cant stand. Tune in to see if you fit the profile. Second up: Airlines and commercial flying in general, and we'll even touch on the Super Bowl. Tune in or touch on this!

    Don't forget, you can listen to the archive any time! Want more interaction? Call in at (347) 205-9969 or join us in the chat room!

    We have a new MySpace page! Check it:

    'The Agenda' with G-Spot and Rob Banks - Internet Radio Show:
    I like my aircraft how I like my women...old Russian smokers!

    Planes, and girls, and stuff...SeriouslyFunny Photography.