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    Contributions, updates, corrections & comments most welcome.

    In alphabetical order. TV shows are at the bottom in a separate section. Note: only films with real airliners are listed. Films with only models and/or special-effects/digital shots are omitted. (That is why films like Fate is the Hunter, Flightplan, and Pushing Tin are not included in this list). All shots are daytime unless otherwise indicated. Thanks to all contributors including a78jumper, AA1818, Aircraftfire, Al Weaver, ATFS_crash, Bradleyh, Caniar67, CanVoodoo, ced ampo, C-FMWQ, Christian, Chris Trott, DAIRD, David Hilditch, dl747, Don Moore, Erwin_S, Fly By Night, Foxtrot, Gabriel, Garp, GAZ727A380Pilot, K3WE, Limo Driver, Myndee, P3 Super Bee, Randum, Radar Contact Lost, Rick G, RufusYoungblood, TAP-A343, Tusconman, Twagenknecht, Verbal, VH-VRK, Ychocky, Zilogman and 3WE. Sorry if I missed anyone. Originally posted January 2006.
    ABBA: The Movie (1977) - some air-to-air & ground shots of a Qantas 747 at the beginning of the film, and some brief footage of a 727 (possibly TAA).

    Airborne (1993) Shane McDermott, Edie McClurg - a USAir F-28 (natural metal with blue & red stripes) taxies and stops in snow at Cincinnati at the beginning of the film; a few shots of the cargo door opening (from the inside).

    Air Force One (1997) Harrison Ford - some nighttime and twilight footage of a real 747 combined with model shots

    Airplane! (1980) Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty - very little footage of what appears to be an ex. TWA 707

    Airport (1970) Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Jacqueline Bisset - some footage of the late “Trans Global” (actually Flying Tigers) 707-349C N324F and a Western 720 (or 707)

    Airport 1975 (1974) Charlton Heston - very nice & plentiful footage of ex AA 747-123 N9675 in flight and on the ground, daytime, night time and twilight. Also a NW DC-10 is seen in the background of the night bar scene (notice that its red strobe is being constantly turned “on” and “off”!). A DC-10 was also substituted for the 747 for the night shot where the Dulles Airport bus docks. Also air-to-air footage of the late Beech Baron N9750Y, the late USAF CH-53A Sea Stallion #14431 & USAF T-37B “Tweet” #67-14762. Also brief shots of an early Lear Jet, a TWA 747 during maintenance, and the one and only Air Caledonia (ex EA) DC-8 parked at Salt Lake City. Footage locations: too many to list! Perhaps the most airliner footage of any Hollywood, non-documentary motion picture in history!

    Airport ’77 (1977) Jack Lemmon - very little footage of another ex. AA 747-123 (N9667); most of the footage is of a model.

    Airport ‘79: The Concorde (1979) - very little footage of the real Concorde, although the one shown was the ill-fated F-BTSC lost on 25 July 2000

    Air Rage (released 7/24/01) Alex Cord, Gil Gerard, Ice-T - a total of about 5 min. worth of nice aerial footage of the first Boeing 747 (in “Boeing 747” livery) including footage from a belly-mounted camera during take-off, landing, landing roll and full stop. Also footage of Dulles Terminal, an SR-71 (takes-off & docks with the 747 Executive Decision style), and several camouflaged (possibly Israeli) F-16’s (some footage from Iron Eagle). Warning: terrible movie - good for airplane footage only. Credits say it’s from 2000 & “special thanks to Airline Film & TV Promotion”.

    Alive (1993) The true story of the Uruguayan soccer team whose chartered FH-227 (F-27 #571) crashed into the snow covered Andes mountains on Fri. 10/13/72 (see also Survive which supposedly is more compelling but has less realistic effects) (unconfirmed)

    A Man could Get Killed (1966) James Garner - TAP Caravelle, Sabena 707, TWA 707

    American Graffiti (1973) Ron Howard - a “Magic Carpet Airlines” DC-7 (“radar equipped”) is shown parked and then takes off to end the movie; engine sound uninterrupted; only the left side is seen

    Angel Flight Down (1996 TV Movie) Patricia Kalember (unconfirmed)

    Annie Hall (1977) Woody Allen, Diane Keaton - footage of TWA Boeing 747 (in original livery) and 707 - about 3 seconds of each. They showed it to indicate when one of the characters was flying

    An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) Richard Gere, Debra Winger - footage of the front half of a parked Philippine Boeing 747

    Au Pair Girls (British 1972) Astrid Frank - Aeroflot IL-62, Aer Lingus Boeing 720, Air France 727, Alitalia DC-9-30, BEA Tridents
    BOAC VC-10, Lufthansa 707-400, SAS Caravelle, Swissair CV-990, TWA 707-331B or C

    Avanti (1972) Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills - nice slow panning shot of JFK taken from the control tower, an Alitalia DC-8, then an unknown private jet lands in a big hurry and parks in front of the DC-8.

    (The) Aviator (2004) Leonardo DiCaprio - three 4 sec. shots of a “fleet” of grounded TWA Connies (actually only one real Connie, the “Save a Connie” 1049H N6937C digitally cloned). Footage location: 1:52:46, 1:53:23 and 1:53:33; we can see at least parts of six aircraft in the first two shots

    (The) Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Shirley Temple - characters board a TWA Constellation at the end

    Back Street (1961) Susan Hayward, John Gavin - has some arriving and departing shots of a United DC-3 & Alitalia DC-6B including a night shot of UA DC-3 fleet no. 1935 & daytime boarding shots of a UA DC-3 Mainliner & the Alitalia DC-6B

    Bananas (1971) Woody Allen - Pan Am 707-121B or 321B take-off footage

    (The) Big Lift (1950) Montgomery Clift - shots of C-54’s (DC-4’s)

    Blue Hawaii (1961) Elvis Presley - some color footage of UA DC-8’s landing and taxiing with their JT3C engine ejectors deployed, as well as a few other airport aircraft in the distance. Footage as follows: 0:04:02 (21 sec.) UA DC-8-12 (N8023U -45292/43 “DC-8 Jet Mainliner Hana-Maui” in orig. livery) lands at HNL; 0:04:56 (7 sec.) UA DC-8-12 N8024U 45293/47 “DC-8 Jet Mainliner Hilo” (w. modified tail spear logo where blue part now goes thru rudder hinge instead of ahead of it) taxies to the gate; 0:05:08 (9 sec.) shown parked; 0:05:29 doors open & miscellaneous close-ups (to 0:07:04) note the curved baggage containers; 1:18:29 (12 sec.) an Aloha F-27 lands and taxies at Lihue Airport in Kauai, repeated at 1:22:54 (9 sec.) but exposed darker to simulate “night”; there is also a Pan Am 707 way off in the corner at HNL at 0:04:22

    Boeing, Boeing (1965) Jerry Lewis, Tony Curtis - Air India 707-400, BOAC VC-10, Lufthansa 727, Pan Am 707-321B or C, British United BAC 1-11; currently only released on VHS in the US

    Bonfire of The Vanities (1990) Concorde landing at JFK in front of the setting sun. They actually chartered the airplane and had to time the landing perfectly so it would pass in front of the sun relative to where the camera was. It cost them a lot of money to get a shot that lasted a few seconds!

    Bounce (2000) with Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck. “A romantic story that involves a last-minute ticket switch on an ill-fated airliner. One confirmed shot of a DC-10 with flaps down, but might have been superimposed or may be an effects shot

    (The) Brothers Bloom ( 2008 ) Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody - Continental 777-200

    (The) Bourne Identity (2002) Matt Damon - Star Airlines (XL Airways France) Airbus A320-214 F-GRSE at CDG, an Air France A320 taxiing, and the following parked: Brit Air (Air France) Fokker 100, Qantas 747-400, Varig MD-11

    (The) Bourne Supremancy (2004) Matt Damon - Aeroflot Ilyushin Il-96-300, registration RA-96015 named "M. Gromov" is seen arriving at SVO.

    (The) Boys from Brazil (1970 Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier - a Varig 707 and others at an airport

    Bride Flight (2008 ) Karina Smulders - DC-6 G-APSA painted as KLM

    Bright Eyes (1934) Shirley Temple - footage of an AA DC-2, inside and out, and an AA Condor. Also features Shirley singing "on the good ship lollipop" in the aisle, even though the plane is supposedly on its tail while taxiing!

    B.S. I Love You (Swedish 1971) Peter Kastner - a TWA Convair 880 takes off

    Bullitt ( 1968 ) Steve McQueen - about 10 minutes of exciting, color, night footage of various Pan Am 707’s and two PSA 727’s (a -14 and a -200) at SFO (near the end of the film). Confirmed: 707-321B N414PA 18956/466 “Jet Clipper Ann McKim” and PSA 727-14 N972PS 18910/159 fln 103. Likely: PA 707-321B N409PA 18840/418 “Jet Clipper Eclipse”. Possible: PA 707-321B N402PA 18833/405 “Jet Clipper Black Hawk” and/or PA 707-321B N408PA 18833/405 “Jet Clipper Morning Star” and/or PA 707-321B N423PA 19276/592 “Jet Clipper Glory of the Skies”. The DVD also contains a bonus “making of” film called “Steve McQueen’s Commitment to Reality” which shows additional airliner footage not seen in the final cut, such as a Pan Am 720 which quickly taxies by (note the different engine nacelles), a close-up of the 707’s left wing with the landing light and red nav. light on, and a different angle of the shot where Steve jumps between the main gear of the 707 starting its take-off run, with a few extra seconds of footage. Footage locations: 1:34:53 (3 sec.) PA 707 parked at terminal (in background- cabin fully lit) shown again at 1:35:35 (5 sec.) but closer. 1:34:59 (5 sec.) view from under right wing while checking fuel & loading, again at 1:35:42 (2 sec.) but much closer to right main gear. 1:36:40 (36 sec.) PA 707 on Runway spools up & starts take-off run while a second PA 707 (with a short name) lines up, followed by interior shots. At 1:37:38 the same 707 taxies back to the gate, at 1:38:41 (7 sec.) it turns and shuts off its landing lights, and taxies much closer to the camera at 1:39:37 (6 sec.) where we can see that it has a much longer name (N423PA?), finally at 1:40:04 (46 sec.) it lines up to the gate and we get a long nose close-up and engine shut down. At 1:42:52 (28 sec.) the bad guy opens the rear left door of a PA 707, jumps out & runs, then Steve follows. At 1:43:20 (2 sec.) another arriving PA 707 (N409PA or N408PA) almost runs Steve over, then we see N414PA at 1:43:25 (12 sec.). A taxiing PSA 727-200 (11 sec.) appears at 1:44:07 and closer at 1:44:30 (3 sec.). At 1:45:21 (25 sec.) the PSA 727-14 lines up, the bad guy runs in front, then a PA 707 is next for take-off 1:45:45. Famous scene where Steve jumps in front (probably N409PA) is at 1:46:19

    Casablanca (1942) Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman - night time shot of Air France Lockheed 12A Electra Junior NC17376 taking off (the first shot of it parked is actually a plywood & cardboard model with forced perspective & “little people” for scale). It’s apparently a technical snafu in that Air France never actually operated Lockheed 12As, but rather they used Lockheed 14s

    Casino Royale (2006) Daniel Craig - Virgin Atlantic A340-600, Travel Service 737-800, CSA A310 and what looks like a real Air Atlantic DC-6 during the chase sequence at "Miami Airport" which may be actually Prague. Not exactly a "real" airliner but a real 747-200 airframe with strange engines and fuel tanks at the end of the chase sequence. Only a few seconds worth of film actually used this "747", the rest was a model/computer generated...

    Cast Away (2000) Tom Hanks - some footage of real FedEx DC-10’s, MD-11’s and A-300’s

    Catch Me if you Can (2002) Leonardo DiCaprio - brief real PA 707 takeoff (but very far away); also a digitally-manipulated “TWA Airbus A-310” (no such thing) landing! And a few close-up shots of a DC-8-62 or -63 (again digitally painted with 1980's TWA red stripes). There's a flying shot of a TWA 707 but I really think it's fake (looks slightly distorted, "N" number is in the wrong place, and anti-collision lights flash incorrectly). Many anachronisms in this movie

    China Clipper (1936) Pat O’Brien, Humphrey Bogart - lots of footage of pre-war (Pan Am) Sikorsky, Ford, perhaps Martin and other Airliner Flying Boats

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Richard Dreyfus (deleted scene on Special edition DVD only) nighttime footage of a Convair 880 pulling up to a gate

    Commando (1985) Arnold Schwarzenegger - Western DC-10-10 takes off & shots of LAX & Terminal Areas

    Contact (1997) Jodie Foster - brief night time scene where Jodie meets up with her billionaire sponsor (John Hurt) who is waiting for her in a modified, five-engined 727 (only the tail section is seen)

    Cool Runnings (Disney 1993) John Candy, an AA MD-80 lands & an AA A-300 also reported

    Coogan’s Bluff ( 1968 ) Clint Eastwood - excellent color footage of NY Airways Boeing Vertol 107 passenger helicopters on top of the Pan Am building just before they were withdrawn from use. Footage locations: 0:12:15 (chapter 3) N108PA bottom view (6 sec.) followed by interior shots during landing; 0:13:04 (12 sec.) passengers exit N108PA; 1:30:41 (chapter 17) N6682D bottom view and landing, N6682D boarding at 1:31:38 (6 sec.); idling for 7 sec. at 1:31:46; interior taxiing at 1:31:58 but not on Pan Am Bldg. roof as implied in the movie (note the pavement); lastly at 1:32:41 (1 sec.) N107PA begins to take off from rooftop heliport, followed by nice aerial view of the city taken from a BV-107. See also "Only When I Larf", "Special Mission Lady Chaplin" and the Beatles Concert at Shea Stadium.

    (The) Crash of Flight 401 (1978 TV Movie) Eddie Albert as Capt; voice-over by William Shatner - very little (& dark filtered) footage of an in-flight L-1011; true story of EA401 which crashed into the Everglades on approach to MIA in 12/1972 (see also The Ghost of Flight 401)

    (The) Crowded Sky (1960) Dana Andrews - danger of a mid-air collision between a Navy Jet and a passenger plane. “Trans State” (actually Delta) DC-7 & Lockheed “TV-2” (actually T-33) “Seastar”

    (The) Crowded Sky (1961) Dana Andrews - danger of a mid-air collision between a Navy Jet and a passenger plane (unconfirmed)

    Day of the Jackal (1973) Edward Fox - one shot of an Austrian Viscount named “W.A. Mozart”, one shot of a BEA Vanguard in delivery livery but black and white radome, and a small, twin-engine piston plane

    Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966) James Coburn - a slick conman who plans a bank robbery at LAX. Has several scenes of TWA & UA DC-8s taking off/landing & at the gates as well.

    (The) Delta Force (1986) Chuck Norris - fair amount of footage of ex PA 707-139B N778PA (painted as fictional “ATW” airlines, but owned by “MOAF” at the time) daytime, night time, take-offs and landings, and a close-up of the P&W turbofan starting up

    Devil Dogs of the Air (1935) - James Cagney, at least one Metal Ford Trimotor, bi-planes, et. al.

    Diamondhead (1963) Charlton Heston, Yvette Mimieux - a Beech (?) registered N1355_ lands in Hawaii

    Die Another Day (2002) Pierce Brosnan - British Airways 747-400 in flight, interior, then a Virgin Atlantic 747-400 landing

    Die Hard II (1990) Bruce Willis - nice but brief shots of real TransAmerica 727-100’s (landing and takeoff), “Northeast” L-1011 N765BE (actually ex. ANA L-1011 1105 TriStar 1 JA8511 later operated by Hawaiian) and night shots of Evergreen Int’l. (titles removed) 747-121 N473EV (ex. Pan Am). 747 footage as follows: 1:35:38 (9 sec.) in hangar, interior, exterior; 1:41:11 (21 sec.) hangar doors open - reveal (nose view); 1:41:46 to 1:42:23 exteriors in hangar; the following are all shots of the 747 taxiing on a slushy runway with engines spinning: 1:44:45 (3 sec.), 1:45:07 (6 sec.), 1:45:16 (2 sec.), 1:45:21 (8½ sec.), 1:47:04 (2 sec.), 1:48:01 (2 sec.), 1:48:05 (1 sec.), 1:48:08 (2 sec.), 1:48:36 (3 sec.), 1:49:43 (6 sec.) pulls away; 1:50:19 (5 sec.) take-off sequence. Other footage: 0:07:20 (6 sec.) twilight take-off of ATA 727-100 with wig-wags; 1:51:25 (15 sec.) L-1011 lands at night, and doors open (1:52:22 to :35); 1:52:35 ATA 727-100 lands at night, skids in snow (1:53:00 to :03) views of parked L-1011 until end credits

    Die Stewardessen (Swiss/German 1971) Evelyne Traeger, Ingrid Steeger - Air France Caravelle, BEA Trident (Union Jack),
    Iberia DC-9-30, National "Sun King" 727-100, Olympic 727-200, SAS Caravelle, DC-8, DC-9-41, South African 707-300, Swissair Caravelle, CV-990, DC-8-62, DC-9, TWA 707-131B, 747-131, TAP Caravelle, UTA/Air Afrique DC-8-32, Ocean Liner S.S. United States

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988 ) Steve Martin - a parked Grumman Gulfstream (turboprop) airliner

    Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Al Pacino - night footage taken at JFK of Modern Air CV-990A N5614 pulling up to a gate at night; brief aerial footage of a pair of parked cargo UA DC-8’s (including N8045U), and some other aircraft in the background (near the end of the film). Footage locations: 0:01:18 a 727-200 on approach to LGA at approx. 3,000 ft. (seen from a distance) over tunnel entrance. 1:01:28 to :48 (just before Chapt. 15) long shot of JFK general aviation area w. 4 EA L-1011’s in orig. livery and one 727 in the background, late afternoon. Also a Falcon 10, a red Cessna, yellow JetRanger, Rockwell Sabreliner and other aircraft. Same shot at 1:13:52 but in twilight (11 sec.) but with Falcon 10 gone, a TWA 747 in orig. livery taxiing and a barely visible turbojet Delta DC-8. Night footage: 1:55:30 (6 sec.) aerial approach to JFK showing two cargo DC-8’s (one is N8075U “United Jet Freighter” in italics, the other has the four stars and the anti-collision light on). At 1:56:10 and in the background we have a UA DC-8 (N___4U), and an Air France 747 with the original livery, logo lights, and a red strobe on top but rotating version on the bottom. At 1:57:24 the Modern Air 990 pulls up (to 1:58:41) while in the background we can briefly see a TWA 707 with its logo lit, and a TWA 747 with its logo off in the distance. See also 2:00:55 (21 sec.), 2:02:53 (6 sec.) and end credits.

    Do Not Disturb (1965 or 2008 version?) ????? - tail view of a 747 landing, & a distant view of KLM 747’s, somepne reported perhaps -300s or -400s

    (The) Doomsday Flight (1960) - Dana Andrews, Efraim Zimbalist Jr. A commercial airliner and an Air Force jet are in danger of a mid-air collision (unconfirmed)

    Dr. No (1962) Sean Connery, Ursula Andress - a Pan Am 707-121 landing

    Earthquake (1974) Charlton Heston - a few air-to-air and landing shots of a TWA 707 with a completely black radome, but only on the longer version shown on TV

    Easy Rider (1974) Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper - opening sequence features main characters “Captain America" & "Billy" scoring their dope under the glide path at LAX(?); a Continental 707 lands

    Eraser ( 1989 ) Arnold Schwarzenegger - has some decent in-flight and interior shots of one of the DoJ's 727's (N727BE)

    Executive Decision (1996) - nice footage of “Oceanic” (ex. Kuwait Airlines 747-269B N707CK) in flight and on the ground; can see engines spinning in flight in one shot. Actually two 747's were used - the 2nd was a retired, older 747 used for the sequence when the aircaft had already landed and was heavily damaged.

    (The) FBI Story (1959) James Stewart - color shot of a parked “Colombian Airlines” Convair 240 and a DC-4

    (The) Family Jewels (1965) Jerry Lewis - features a Ford Trimotor

    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Ioan Gruffud, Jessica Alba - reported to have a Virgin Blue 737-800 landing at Melbourne, Australia.

    Fearless (1993) Jeff Bridges (unconfirmed)

    (The) Flight (aka The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story 1988 TV Movie) Lindsey Wagner - very nice day, sunset and twilight footage (including several air-to-air) of a TWA 727-200 in flight, landings, and take-offs, including close-ups of the belly & leading-edge slats deploying at the beginning of the film. Curiously, the typical red, four-digit fleet number was removed from the nose, and great care is taken not to show the registration number during the entire film. Only released on VHS & Laserdisc in the US

    Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac (1984 TV aka Flight 90) Jeanetta Arnette - reported to contain lots of footage of Air Florida 737 and some other planes as flight 90 waits in line for take off apparently not currently available in the US

    Flight into Danger (1956 Canadian) James Doohan - crew suffers food poisoning on a charter airliner en route from Montreal to Vancouver, Canada. A former Air Force pilot tries to save the day. This short Canadian film (by the author of “Airport”) was later adapted into the better known Zero Hour (1957) and parodied in Airplane (1980) (unconfirmed)

    Flying Leathernecks (1951) John Wayne - reported to have some airliner shots (unconfirmed)

    Foreign Correspondent (1940) Joel McCrea - Hitchcock movie which contains an airplane crash sequence (unconfirmed)

    Forces of Nature (1999) Ben Affleck & Sandra Bullock - a few nice shots of a real, early (JT8D powered) 737 and simulated gull ingestion into #1; also belly shots at the gate and airport views. Fictional “MondAir” airline.

    (The) French Connection (1971) Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider - contains a nice air-to air shot of an Eastern DC-8 but wrongly combined with an L-188 Electra interior! Footage locations: 1:02:14 Eastern Airlines Ticket Counters, NY (actual location unknown); 1:04:03 (2 sec.) nice, twilight, air-to-air of a turbojet EA DC-8 followed by interior shot of an L-188.

    Fuerza Aérea Sociedad Anónima (Argentine 2006) Documentary – an expose of the Argentine Air Force's control over the Argentine Airline Industry. Footage unknown at this time

    Get Shorty (1995) John Travolta, Gene Hackman - 727-100 (unknown markings) & Bradley Temrinal

    Giant (1956) Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean; air-to-air DC-4 (“Benedict M___” airlines; “R” on tail) and a “buzz”, also a TWA 1049G (or Starliner) parked in background

    (The) Ghost of Flight 401 (1978 ) Ernest Borgnine - true story of EA401 which crashed into the Everglades on approach to MIA in 12/1972. Mix of miniature models and actual footage. (see also The Crash of Flight 401) (unconfirmed)

    (The) Godfather (1972) Marlon Brando - a natural aluminum, TWA 049 or 749 Connie takes off

    Godzilla (King of the Monsters) (1956) Raymond Burr - reported to have a B&W clip of a Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser in flight (unconfirmed)

    GoldenEye (1995) Pierce Brosnan - British Airways 757 (old colors) landing

    Goldfinger (1964) Sean Connery - at least two Lockheed Jetstars and two DC-3’s in the distance. Also two Carvairs loading passengers and cars.

    Goodfellas (1990) Robert DeNiro - a Swissair 747, KAL 747SP on approach & footage of “Idlewild” (now JFK) in “1963”

    Good morning Vietnam (1987) Robin Williams - a DC-8 painted to resemble a late 60's vintage UA bird is seen parked and then a lingering take-off shot at the end of the movie (United fans will note that the gold or red stripe is missing, as well as the natural metal belly and wig-wags - all hallmarks of the airline in the late 60’s)

    Good Neighbor Sam (1964) Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneider - a few nice shots of an all-black radomed 707-321B/C rolling down the runway, and a nose close-up at the gate

    Great Balls of Fire (1989) Dennis Quaid - a radar-equipped Convair Propliner painted to look like a vintage AA 240, but with wrong nose and engines, and missing “Flagship” name. Also an airport shot featuring two TWA Connies (at least one is a “G”). If you want to see real AA 240’s, see Three Guys named Mike or a Mohawk 240 in Parrish

    Ground Control (1998 TV movie) Keiffer Sutherland - beautiful, twilight shots of a KLM 747 take-off, Sun Country DC-10 and others during the opening credits; a few other night time shots in the middle, and an America West 737 twilight takeoff at the end. Footage locations: during opening credits we see a KLM 747, China Airlines 777 (with no white nav light on tailcone yet), USAir 757 lands, UA 777 (no wht light on tailcone), Sun Country DC-10, Cathay 747-400, China Airlines 747-400 B-18205, UA 757 N558UA taking off in current colors, UA DC-10 taxi (reversed) in old mod colors, UA 737-300 is same old colors, Comair Saab N1935W, UA A-320 in current colors, and EVA Air 747-400 -HUH. The rest are night shots (except where indicated): 0:18:51 (6 sec.) 747 nose close-up at LAX, Malaysian 747-400, 757 taxi. 0:19:29 (2 sec.) Southwest (mustard color) 737-300 takes off; 0:19:37 (4 sec.) 727 with all strobes lands; 0:21:47 (1 sec. - sped up) 727 on approach; 0:21:51 (3 sec.) DL L-100 on t/o run; 0:30:33 (8 sec.) CO 737-300 lands (R landing lt. on flap fairing out); 0:33:22 (5 sec. sped up) 747-400 taxies; 0:37:05 (9 sec.) SW 737-300 (mustard) t/o; 0:37:30 747 nose, Air Cal DC-9 in background (shown again at 1:01:42 for 4 sec); 0:04:16 (5 sec.) AA 757 & China Als 777 w. logo lights taxi while 747 zooms by; 0:43:15 (3 sec.) approach pattern (3 aircraft, 757, 767, or 777 in front); 0:49:02 (6 sec.) CO 737 again (same as 0:30:33 but reversed); 0:49:33 (11 sec.) twilight air-to-air of TCA 747-100 or -200 w. added wht strobe effect on tail; 0:53:18 (4 sec.) Tower Air 747-100 or -200 air-to-air day but filtered to look light night; 0:56:00 (2 sec.) TCA 747 in thunderstorm (might be a model shot); 0:57:11 (3 sec.) nice airport/runway shot (shown again at 1:18:25); 1:01:59 (8 sec.) KAL 747-400 lands; 1:02:07 DL 757 & SW 737-300 on final, DL MD-80 flyby, touchdowns by USAir 757, DL 767, UA 737-300 & KAL 747, DL 727-200 in final livery taxies; 1:02:33 Qantas 747-400 taxies; 1:19:21 (3 sec.) SW 737-300 o/a (viewed thru binoculars); 1:19:28 (2 sec.) runway approach lights; 1:19:43 737 o/a & bottom view; 1:22:50 (4 sec.) America West 737-300 #311 taxies to the gate, nose close-up at 1:23:33 (8 sec.); last shot is at 1:25:37 AA MD-80 top view, parked and an AW 737 w. logo lights t/o in twilight, supposedly from PHX, although movie was filmed in LAX, Burbank-Glendale-Pasedena and Ontario Airports

    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn - shows a UAL DC8 flying over San Francisco during the opening credits and a UAL 727 pulling into SFO

    Heartburn (1986) Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson - Based on the book by Nora Ephron - which is a semi-autobiographical account of her marriage to the philandering Washington Post reporter, Carl Bernstein. Two fabulous shots of an EA 727 taking off from Dulles (DCA). The first one is at night, accompanied by Carly Simon's great song ‘Coming Around Again’. The closing shot is the best, though. It shows a longer take-off into the twilight. Also a nose close-up of #534, & a distance shot of one of the 727-200’s painted light gray on the top and both stripes now thinner & under the window stripes

    Heat (1995) Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino - a few night shots of airliners on final approach near ending of movie, mostly landing lights and sounds

    Heidi (1965) Eva Maria Singhammer - reported to have a shot of a KLM Lockheed L188 Electra at an airport (unconfirmed)

    Help! (1965) The Beatles - the famous group exits a Pan Am 707-121 N708PA

    Hero (1992) Dustin Hoffman - brief twilight air-to-air footage of a real 727-100 in flight, and a real “dressed” (crashed) one used for some live-action scenes. (Midwestern Airlines 727-163 N32720) aka "The Accidental Hero"

    High Anxiety (1977) Mel Brooks - TWA 747 (original livery) in cruise & landing, plus close-up of early JT9D with auxiliary air inlet doors, also a close-up of a running L-1011 RR engine

    (The) High and The Mighty (1954) John Wayne, Robert Stack - nice color footage of a fictitious “Topac” airlines DC-4 (actually Transocean C-54B N4665V) air-to-air and parked, daytime and night time. Also night footage of a post-war, radar-equipped rescue B-17 and a Consolidated PB2-Y Coronado (large rescue seaplane with two tails). Footage as follows: some distant DC-4 air-to-air shots in opening credits; 0:02:14 two parked DC-4’s and at least one Curtiss Commando; 0:05:50 nose close-up showing DC-4 pitot tubes & passing light; 0:14:25 side view, awaiting boarding, and exterior cockpit close-up (to 0:15:21); 0:15:28 (14 sec.) C-47 / DC-3 tail section as simulated wreckage; 0:17:15 (6 sec.) back view as it taxies out, continues at 0:17:25 (2 sec.) then we see right side taxi & hold at 0:19:00 (3 sec.); 0:20:07 (3 sec.) revving up – front view, starts to pull out at 0:20:30 (4 sec.) and a very nice take-off towards the camera (0:20:37 - 9 sec.) followed by nice air-to-air (28 sec.); 0:23:36 (2 ½ sec.) engines #3 and #4 running, day); 0:27:16 early “Pegasus” cruise missile test (6 sec.); the following are all air-to-air of the DC-4: 0:30:25 (8½ sec.), 0:35:29 (8 sec.), 0:39:29 (8 sec.), 0:42:22 late afternoon (7 sec.); 1:06:57 shots of US Coast Guard Rescue Aircraft begin (18 sec.) Boeing PB-1G #2855 (cvt’d. Boeing B-17G 44-85837 transferred to Navy for Rescue ops, w. added Search Radar on chin, new s/n 82855) and an orange Sikorsky H-19 in the background; shown again at 1:07:48 (27 sec.); 1:09:52 (6 sec.) PB2-Y Seaplane goes out; four close-up shots of luggage being dumped from the left rear door of the DC-4: 1:21:57 (3 sec.), 1:22;17 (3 sec.), 1:22:29 (even closer - 4 sec.), and 1:22:41 (5 sec.); 2:04:07 begins descent in twilight (5 sec.); 2:17:25 #4 engine quits (3 sec.); 2:18:28 (4½ sec.) air-to-air of runway approach & DC-4 but very dark, can only see the top white fuselage light and orange/white tail lights alternately flashing, shown again at 2:18:40 (10 sec.); 2:19:11 (9 sec.) night time landing of the DC-4, seen from the edge of the runway, looking at the tail; 2:19:42 parked night shots begin (through 2:24:06); 2:24:29 view of damage (through 2:26:2 )

    Home Alone (1990) Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci - a few nice but brief shots of AA (only) airliners taking off and landing. A DC-10 and 757 (close-up) take off, various gate shots with a 767 nose in the background, a 767 being pushed back and another landing (see also Home Alone 2)

    How to Mary a Millionaire (1953) Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall - panning shot of LGA Control Tower & Field showing 2 DC-3’s, a DC-4, a Convair, and a Martin taking off, then a portable airstair is pushed towards TWA 1049 Super Constellation N6905C “Star of the Rhone” at 1:02:33 (note the left aileron is up - also note that since N6905C was delivered in Sept. 1952, and the film was released in Nov. 1953, it was probably less than a year old when it was photographed). Shortly thereafter, very nice, lingering, close nose-view taxi shot of N6905C at 1:03:22 (23 sec.); in this shot all engines are running, the effect of braking can be seen on the front gear, and the nose landing light and red passing light are readily visible, as well as the white, flashing belly light, and another natural metal Connie (an 049 or 749) in the background); on-board view of a landing at supposedly Kansas City at 1:09:06 (21 sec.)(aircraft is not shown) also interiors of another aircraft (or a set) and a reference to the flight as being the “Midland Skychief to Kansas City”. There are also aerial shots of a white TWA 049 or 749 at 1:03:46 (6 sec.), 1:04:27 (3 sec.), 1:07:47 5 sec. (“night”) and a “gold” plated one at 0:32:26 (5 sec.), but those look like models. Not to be confused with Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953 again Marilyn Monroe) which only shows a fuzzy DC-3 in the background during an airport shot which is probably a set.

    Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom (1984) features a night ramp shot and a twilight takeoff of a real Ford Trimotor 5-AT-B N9651 sn 5-AT-34 (as "Lao Che Air Freight”), complete with engine smoke and flashing nav lights. Location: it has its own chapter stop on the DVD. Shortly after there is also real daytime aerial footage (close ups of the engines being shut off). The shot of the landing gear hitting the mountain, and the crash are, or course, a model (see also Raiders of the Lost Ark) The 1/20 scale model is now reported to be at the Flightpath Museum at LAX

    Island in the Sky (1953) John Wayne, Lloyd Nolan - lots of B&W footage (including close-ups, belly-mounted camera shots, air-to-air, and twilight) of at least 3 real DC-3’s marked with “USAF” & presumably bright orange stripes, and possibly one C-47 marked “Rescue”. The DC-3’s were marked ‘1045’, ‘1046’ and possibly ‘1043’. Up to four are shown flying in formation at one time. Wayne’s downed plane was marked “Corsair” & ‘1045’, but ‘1045’ is also shown later participating in the rescue mission!

    It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World (1963) - A real Beech 18 doing great stunt flying. It flies through an open barn, and through a billboard.

    Jet Over the Atlantic (1959) Guy Madison, Virginia Mayo - although the title states “jet”, an Aeronaves Bristol Britannia (turboprop) is used

    Jungle 2 Jungle (1997) Tim Allen, Martin Short - brief footage of an AA 767-300 in the background of a NY terminal, then brief footage of an AA 757 lifting off

    (The) Keystone Patrician (1928 ) short film made by the Keystone Aircraft Corporation showing off the capabilities of “Patrician” (its Tri-motor) as it flies 33 passengers to Los Angeles. Only about 6 min. long, B&W and silent, it is one of the 50 films in a 4-DVD set called "Treasures from American Film Archives (2000)", compiled by the National Film Preservation Foundation from 18 American film archives. This film was preserved by the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

    King Ralph (1991) John Goodman, Peter O’Toole - a BA 747 takes off (in 70’s livery) and lands in twilight (in late 80’s livery)

    Koyaanisqatsi (1983) - direct front view of two UA 747’s, an Air Malta(?)720 & PSA 727-200 taxiing. Footage locations: 0:24:04 to 0:26:36 (747’s with heat/ground distortion); 0:27:52 (12 sec.) Air Malta 720 taxies by; 1:01:22 (4 sec.) PSA 727-200 taxies by. (see also Powaqqatsi). Also USAF T-38 Talon #68400 taxi close-up at 0:28:57, followed by a camouflaged A-7 Corsair at 0:29:08, aerial footage of a camouflaged B-1 (w. camera mounted on tail) at 0:39:11 (30 sec.) and Corsair pilot and engine intake close-up at 0:43:13.

    Knute Rockne All American (1940) Pat O’Brien - at least two shots of a Ford Trimotor

    La Bamba (1987) Lou Diamond Philips - one brief shot of a DC-3, air-to-air

    La Dolce Vita (Italian 1960) Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg - Alitalia DC-7C

    (The) Langoliers, Stephen King’s (1995 TV Movie) Dean Stockwell - a few shots of an “American Pride” L-1011 fln 21018 (actually TWA L-1011-385-1 TriStar 50 N31018 [193B-1066] which had been wfu, but was repainted and used in the movie). Includes a close-up of under-wing re-fueling, but many other flying shots are that of a model. See picture taken at Roswell, NM in Airliners May / June 1995, page 14

    Last Flight Out (1990 TV Movie) James Earl Jones - about the last PanAm flight out of Saigon in 1975. Although in reality a Pan Am 747-121 made the last flight, for the movie ex. Eastern L-1011-385-1 msn 1005 N304EA was filmed by the production company while owned by charted operator Air America (source: Airliners magazine May / June 1994, p. 5). Note: not to be confused with a movie from 2004 with the same title but with a totally different subject matter.

    (The) Last Shot (2004) Matthew Broderick, Alec Baldwin. There’s a quick sequence of the lead characters disembarking from a UAL B737-300, supposedly at KPVD (which the sign hilariously depicts as “Rhode Island International Airport,” which makes me think it was probably shot somewhere in the Los Angeles area) in the rain, plus some other non-airline turboprops on a ramp in another scene.

    Laurel Canyon (2003) Kate Beckinsale, Christian Bale. In the beginning of the film, the lead characters relocate from Boston to Los Angeles, and there’s a neat air-to-air shot of a UAL Boeing 777 on approach to KLAX. (unconfirmed)

    Live & Let Die (1973) Roger Moore - reported to have a clip of a Pan Am 747 in flight (unconfirmed)

    Lost Flight (1970 TV Movie) Lloyd Bridges - ex. Qantas 707-138B

    Lost Horizon (1937 version) Ronald Colman & Jane Wyatt -laughable footage of what appears to be a Asian DC-2 (or a DC-3 with no dorsal tail fin) that crash-lands on a mountain and manages to remain perfectly intact.

    Lost Horizon (1973 version) Peter Finch & George Kennedy -supposedly contains air-to-air footage of an “Air East Asia” DC-3 that was also seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark (unconfirmed & not currently available in the US).

    MacArthur (1977) Gregory Peck - a few shots of a DC-7 painted to look like the Independence and a background shot of what looks like a military short-fuselage Constellation

    (The) Magician (1973 TV Pilot Episode Movie) Bill Bixby - brief but nice shots of the prototype 737, including a twilight take-off, also seen from the back. The 737 is named “Spirit” but is still wearing “Boeing” house colors (though the titles were indiscreetly blotted out) and is fitted with the unpaved runway modification (large plate protecting the forward landing gear and tubes which clear gravel away from the engines). When the regular series began, they switched to ex. UA 720 N7201U, the same aircraft seen in The Song Remains the Same and Surviving Gilligan’s Island. But the plane was no longer used in later episodes.

    Magnum Force (1973) Clint Eastwood - a few shots of “Sovereign” (World) 707-373C N374WA at two different points in the film, one is taxiing, the other parked, with close-ups of the turbofan engines. The same 707 was apparently used in "Skyjacked"

    (The) Man who knew too much (1956) James Stewart, Doris Day - reported to have a shot of a BEA 800 Viscount in the original delivery scheme when they fly their son from Rabat, Morocco to London (unconfirmed)

    Miracle Landing (1990 TV) Connie Sellecca, Wayne Rogers - footage of a “Paradise Airlines” 737 (actually Aloha 737-297 N70723) recreating the Aloha Flight 243 accident where the top of the cabin peeled away in flight. Not currently available in the US.

    Missing (1982) Jack Lemmon - approx. 5 sec. shot of a Pan Am (ex. National) DC-10 with white radome & unpainted belly landing at Santiago, Chile at about a quarter of the way through the movie

    Moonraker (1977) Roger Moore - “Dax Air Freight” (Varig) Lockheed L-188 Propjet Electra II taking off from Rio de Janeiro, Air France Concorde

    My Father the Hero (1994) Gérard Depardieu - Opens with a Concorde on short final AND with water vapor condensing on top of the wing and visible water-vapor wing-tip vortexes as it flares. Beautiful sweeping landing and roll out. Later some sort of regional, high-wing turboprop landing at a Caribbean island, wings rocking in the tropical breeze.

    Mystery in Bermuda (Mexican - 1977) One of many “Santo” (masked wrestler) movies, features a two-tone Blue Flying Colors Braniff 727-200 (with a two-tone green radome) landing, pulling up to the gate, and deboarding. The original Spanish title is Misterio en las Bermudas

    Nasty Habits (1977) Glenda Jackson - a TWA 707-100 w. revised livery (hollow red titles, two red stripes) parked at a terminal

    (National Lampoon’s) European Vacation (1985) Chevy Chase - a Pan Am 747 in original livery takes off

    No Deposit, No Return (Disney 1976) David Niven, Don Knotts - a nice, twilight, air-to-air shot of a TWA 720 (no antenna on tail), some interiors, and scenes filmed at SFO

    No Highway in the Sky (British 1951) - James Stewart - Fictional “Rhutland Reindeer” Airliner used. Strangely, much of what was predicted in this film came to pass with the DeHavilland Comet metal fatigue accidents in 1954. Any real airliners in this film? Anybody?

    North by Northwest (1959) Cary Grant - night (background) shots of a parked Northwest DC-7, a TWA 049 or 079, and a brief (2 sec.) shot of what looks like a NW DC-7 starting its taxi (with white and red taillights) on the tarmac at Chicago Midway (MDW). There’s also a shot of an unknown twin-piston aircraft near the end of the film.

    (The) Odd Angry Shot (Australian 1979) Graham Kennedy – soldiers board a Qantas 707

    Old School (2003) Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell - a clip of a BWIA L-1011 taking off.

    Only Angels Have Wings (1939) Cary Grant, Rita Hayworth - features a Ford Trimotor which hits a Condor, catches fire & makes an emergency landing (real aircraft and model used)

    Only When I Larf (British 1968 ) Richard Attenborough - reported to have footage of NY Airways Boeing Vertol BV-107-II passenger helicopters. (See also "Coogan's Bluff", "Special Mission Lady Chaplin" and The Beatles Concert in Shea Stadium

    Ordinary People (1980) Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore - a rare TWA 747SP (with hollow red Trans World lettering) landing

    (The) Out-of-Towners (1970) Jack Lemmon - air-to-air & rear airstair boarding shot of a “Trans International” Boeing 727-100 actually filmed in ISP although in the movie it’s “OH”. The aerial shot is taken while the jet is flying low over a city with a river in the background. There are also interior shots and airport shots (with “TWA” in the background).

    Passenger 57 (1992) Wesley Snipes - quite a few shots (and a few quick close-ups) of an “Atlantic International” (ex. Eastern) L-1011 throughout the first half of the film.

    Parrish (1961) Troy Donahue, Claudette Colbert - a few color shots of a Mohawk Airlines Convair 240 including an air-to-air, a take-off, and an interior shot

    Phone Call From a Stranger (1952) Betty Davis - with some great exterior/interior shots of a DC-3

    (The) Pilot (1961) Cliff Robertson, Dana Andrews - very nice photography of an ex. UAL DC-8-21 (as “North American Airlines”) flying low over a desert

    Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) (shot in late 1956 but not released until 1959) - six B&W shots of an American Airlines DC-7 00:05:43 to 00:05:45, 00:04:15 to 00:04:18, 00:18:31 to 00:18:34, 00:27:38 to 00:27:42, 00:29:47 to 00:29:49, & 00:40:55 to 00:41:03 & also some shots of three F86 Sabres & an F-100A Super Sabre

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) John Candy - brief but dramatic shot of a TWA L-1011 taking off at St. Louis while someone walks awfully close to the runway. Another TWA L-1011, a TWA 727 and an Argentine 747 in the background. Also a night shot of an AA 767 and a supposed night shot of ORD with two USAir DC-9’s

    Powaqqatsi ( 1988 ) a Flying Tigers 747 on approach (seen from the streets) in slow motion (1:10:38 - 7 sec.) & a China Airlines 707 takes off from Kai Tek airport also in slow motion (from 1:12:46 to 1:13:09). (see also Koyaanisqatsi)

    Pritzi's Honor (1985) Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner - at least 2 different shots of United DC-8-61’s used to depict each of Nicholson’s flights between JFK & LAX

    Protocol (1984) Goldie Hawn, Chris Sarandon - shot of people deplaning a Grumman Gulfstream (?)

    Quick Change (1990) Bill Murray - some night time shots of United DC-10 marked “RIA” on the tail

    Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Harrison Ford - brief aerial shots of an “Air East Asia” DC-3 in flight (actually taken from the 1973 version of Lost Horizon). Location: 0:33:40 to 0:34:01 - the first shot is definitely “sped up” in this movie, as evidenced by the rapidly flashing nav lights and anti-collision beacon. It’s probably better to seek the original footage. Also one shot of a real & rare Shorts Brothers Seaplane starting one engine (although most of the shot is matted over with "Pan Am" markings. All other shots of the Seaplane are a model. See also Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom

    Raid on Entebbe (1976 TV movie) Perter Finch, Charles Bronson - reported to have footage of airliners

    (The) Reluctant Astronaut (1967) Don Knotts - DC-3 N31538 as “Speed-Air Trunk Lines”

    Return of the Pink Panther (1975) Peter Sellers, Christopher Plummer - two shots of an Aerospatiale Caravelle; one is Air France, the other RAM (Royal Air Maroc)?

    Roman Holiday (1953) Audrey Hepburn - taxiing shot & clip of passengers deplaning a rare, unidentified airliner w. rear airstairs

    (The) Rose (1979) Bette Midler - Vickers Viscount

    San Francisco International (Airport) (1970) Pernell Roberts - AA 707-300C Freighter, Modern Air CV-990, ONA DC-9-30
    UAL DC-8-21, Western 720B & 737-200, Ercoupe, and maybe a TWA 747-100/200 Note: this was also a short-lived 1 hr. long TV Series - see TV Show section below.

    (The) Secret Land ( 1948 ) Robert Montgomery - 71 minute color film showing DC-3’s/C-47’s with skis and also performing JATO-assisted take-offs from Aircraft Carrier #47 apparently not currently available in the US.

    (The) Serpent & the Rainbow (1988 ) Bill Pullman - three tarmac close-up shots of a Pan Am 727-200 (one at night) at Port Au Prince.

    (The) Sicilian Clan (French, 1969 - orig. title: Les Clan des Siciliens) Jean Gabin - multiple shots of an early, turbojet “United Overseas Airlines” DC-8 both on the tarmac & in-flight, as well as close-ups, cabin and cockpit interiors. Also features a very unusual, under-wing (between engines 3 & 4) shot of an approach to NY city (camera trick or real footage? Where did they mount the camera? How did they get permission to fly JFK traffic over a normally LGA approach?).

    (The) Silence of the Lambs (1991) Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins - nighttime shot of a TWA 767-200 take-off, and an airport shot

    Skyjacked (1972) Charlton Heston, Yvette Mimeux - quite a few shots of a “Global” (World Airways) 707 in flight (N374WA). A madman hijacks a commercial airliner and threatens to blow up the plane unless he is taken to Russia. The same 707 is apparently used in "Magnum Force"

    Speed (1994) Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock - A 707-131 (N198CA 707-131 17661/22 del. to TWA on 4/3/59) gets hit by a bus and explodes. It was purchased by the Israeli Air Force in 1975, and retired in 1981. It was blown up for the movie in 1994.

    Something’s Got to Give (1962) Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe – one air-to-air shot of what looks like an early UA DC-8-11/12/21 but with a slightly modified livery. Note: this film was never completed & is only about 37 min. long.

    Son in Law (1993) Pauly Shore - Saab 340 (?)

    (The) Song Remains the Same (1976) Led Zeppelin concert film (mostly shot in 1973) with some footage of “Starship One” (ex. UA 720 N7201U 17907/85) the same bird used for The Allman Brothers Band, Deep Purple, Elton John, Olivia Newton-John, and Peter Frampton tours in 1973-1974. Elton used it for two different tours. (thank you Garp and Al for the captures). The gold and dark red 720 is partially seen only briefly in the beginning of the film, but at the end is seen in its entirety. First it is seen parked at EWR, then taxiing to the runway at another airport (probably in the UK). A turbo-fanned TWA 707 crosses in front of it, then it begins its takeoff run while the camera zooms in on the “Led Zeppelin” titles. It is shown one last time landing, although with the movie end credits partially blocking the view. The same aircraft can also be seen air-to-air for 3 seconds in Surviving Gilligan’s Island, and a few episodes of the TV Show The Magician but this movie has more footage.

    Special Mission Lady Chaplin (Italian 1966) Daniela Bianchi - NY Airways Boeing Vertol BV-107-II passenger helicopter taxis on pier and takes off. (See also "Coogan's Bluff", "Only When I Larf" and the Beatles Concert at Shea Staduim

    (The) Spy who came in from the Cold (1965) Richard Burton - (B&W) a Pan Am 707-121B (or -321B) lands; Burton departs on a KLM Lockheed L188 Electra; close-up of the Electra doorway, a Pan Am and KLM DC-8 in the background.

    Steep and Deep (1985 ski documentary) narrated by Warren Miller - an SAS DC-10 lands on a wet runway & engine c/u, & a non-P&W powered Air New Zealand 747 lands.

    Stewardess School (1986) Judy Landers, the late Wendy Jo Sperber - a few shots of parked, unmarked, ex. Western 720-047B N93146 (18452/310 with small ventral tail fin) used for training, three L-1011 shots (one is a parked “Stromnolli Air”, another is a late afternoon TWA taking off, third is a twilight air-to-air seen from the bottom) and a night time shot of a 727 landing with “wig-wag” light on tail (seen from the back) near the end of the film. Also close-ups of L-1011 cargo doors and a shot of one of the automatic passenger doors sliding shut. Only released on VHS. 720: FF: 7/31/62; del. WE 8/8/62 as ‘346’; sold to Overseas Int’l. Distributors 6/13/79; sold to Wicklund Aviation 8/9/79; lsd. to Volpar Sys 8/81; sold to Pan Aviation 8/12/86; rr N92GS 11/86; wfu & sto MIA; sold to Floyd, Pearson, Richmond & Greer 8/91, sold to Blue Metals Inc 10/21/92; b/u 11/96.

    Strategic Air Command (1955) James Stewart, June Allyson - a Central Airlines DC-3 lands at Carswell with an engine out, cranks up the failed engine on roll-out and taxis to the alert ramp where a squad of ‘bad guys’ jumps out to test the base's preparedness.

    Survive (1976 Mexican) The true story of the Uruguayan soccer team whose chartered FH-227 (F-27) crashed into the snow covered Andes mountains on Fri. 10/13/72 (see also Alive which supposedly has better effects but may not be as compelling) (unconfirmed).

    Surviving Gilligan’s Island (2001 TV Movie) Dawn Wells - brief but nice air-to-air shot of ex. UA 720 N7201U (17907/85) - the same bird used for The Allman Brothers Band, Deep Purple, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Olivia Newton-John, and Peter Frampton tours in 1973-1974. Elton used it for two different tours. Footage location: 0:13:23 (3 sec.)(see also The Song Remains the Same) & Allman Brothers Band (1974) tours painted in gold and purple. Led Zeppelin also used N7224U (18077/265) during a tour.

    (The) Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story (please see [The] Flight).

    Terror in the Sky (1971 TV) Doug McClure - crew suffers food poisoning on a transcontinental flight (unconfirmed).

    That Touch of Mink (1962) Cary Grant, Doris Day - multiple shots of a turbojet Pan Am 707 at JFK, including interiors. There is also a shot of a Pan Am DC-8 landing.

    This is Spinal Tap (1984) Rob Reiner - a Republic (?) DC-9-50 on short final, and a Western 727-200 taking-off or landing, both under cloudy skies or twilight.

    (The) Thomas Crown Affair (1968 ) Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway - camera follows a Swissair CV 990 landing & a very brief shot of a UA 727-100 taxiing (seen from a passenger window).

    Three Days of the Condor (1975) Robert Redford - camera follows an EA DC-9-30 on final and touchdown.

    Three Guys Named Mike (1951) Jane Wyman - quite a few very nice (though in black & white) shots of various early AA Convairs and DC-6’s throughout, including in-flight, landing, and one with the camera mounted under the belly of a Convair during landing! Confirmed: CV-240-0 N94200 "Flagship San Diego" (sn 2!), N94202 "Flagship Washington" (sn 5). Probables: CV 240-0 N94249 "Flagship Charleston" and DC-6 N90703 "Flagship District of Columbia" (42856 sn 6). Footage as follows (times are approximate since they were taken from the VHS version): 0:11:00 (7 sec.) Convair 240 lands at CLE (seen from Tower); 0:14:40 (8 sec.) Convair on ramp & underbelly shot; 0:23:19 Convair taxies past another (3 sec.) then close-up of left rear door w. “AA eagle” logo (3 sec.); 0:25:05 Convair Flagship Charleston and/or Washington lands at Nashville (10 sec.); 0:28:18 right front door on Flagship Washington opens up & plane’s airstairs deploy (12 sec.) followed by close-ups of the nose (23 sec.); 0:29:14 two Convairs on the ramp (3 sec.) and one departure (3 sec.); 0:29:47 Convair cockpit shot looking out window approaching Chicago Midway (20 sec.) nice shot of the landing on 22L (23 sec. -camera mounted on belly) and deplaning (12 sec.); 0:31:41 (17 sec.) moving shot of parked DC-6; 0:32:14 (5 sec.) air-to-air of DC-6 in cruise, shown again at 0:47:28 (3 sec.); 1:15:31 Convair “Flagship San Diego” takes off from Douglas, Tucson (5 sec.) and lands at LAX (21 sec.); 1:26:44 (10 sec.) close-up of DC-6 tail showing “Douglas” logo; 1:29:25 sunset DC-6 take-off (12 sec.). Total real footage time: approx. 2 min. 51 sec.

    Topaz (1969) Alfred Hitchcock - a DC-3, a MATS KC-135, and some indoor terminal shots.

    Top Gun (1986) Tom Cruise - brief shot of a C-9 (military DC-9) bringing Goose's wife to Miramar. Also brief background shot of an AA 727-200 starting its takeoff run (restaurant in airport when Maverick is drinking water).

    Turbulence (1997) Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly - footage of what appears to be an early ex. JAL 747 painted as “TCA” airlines N614FF.

    Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) John Lithgow - brief, dark, foggy aerial shot of what looks like a 707 on approach.

    (The) Ugly American (1963) Marlon Brando - shots of a TWA straight-pipe & turbofan 707 (with black radomes), and a TWA CV-880 landing.

    United 93 (2006) J.J. Johnson - reported to have a few shots of UAL airliners at Boston

    U.S. Marshals (1998 ) Tommy Lee Jones - brief footage of a real D.O.J. 727-200 in flight, and a real “crashed” one upside-down in about 10 feet of water; the rest is models & effects.

    Valkyrie ( 2008 ) Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh – A Junkers Ju-52 is used as Hitler's personal transport

    View From The Top (2000) Gwyneth Paltrow, Candice Bergen - contains some great footage of a beautifully restored Convair 240 in a fictitious “Sierra Airlines” livery

    (The) V.I.P.s (1963) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton - Foggy Airport scenes of BOAC aircraft, including 707’s, late-model Comets, and maybe a Bristol Britannia in the distance

    Wargames (1983) Matthew Broderick - Jennifer (Ally Sheedy) boards a Fokker F-227; also a Bell JetRanger at the beginning.

    Wattstax (1973) Richard Pryor, Isaac Hayes - about 5 seconds worth of an AA 707 “Astrojet” pulling up to an LAX gate (only the nose can be seen) within the first 15 minutes of the movie.

    What’s Up Doc? (1972) Barbara Streisand, Ryan O’Neal - brief but nice shot of a TWA 707 taking off near end of film.

    When Harry Met Sally (1989) Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan - a UA 737-300 with the modified late 70’s livery takes off.

    When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) Meg Ryan, Andy Garcia - a few shots of America West 737’s, including take-offs and taxiing.

    Where the Buffalo Roam (1980) Peter Boyle, Bill Murray - reported to have a shot of an ex PSA Lockheed L188 Electra (unconfirmed)

    White Nights (1985) Mikhail Baryshnikov (747 - unconfirmed) perhaps only a model

    Whisky Romeo Zulu (Argentine 2004) Enrique Piñeyro - lots of real airliner footage (mostly LAPA's 737's), day and night, taking off, landing, cruising, taxiing, parked. Cockpit shots also.

    Zero Hour (1957) Dana Andrews. Passengers and crew aboard an airliner become sick from food poisoning (unconfirmed)
    TV SHOWS . . .
    (The) Adventures of Superman (1952-1957) George Reeves - one episode dealing with a mad bomber shows a Connie or DC-7 taking off (then exploding, but no special effect per se, just a hard cut to a powder explosion).

    (The) Beverly Hillibillies (1962-1971) - one episode shows Pan Am 707s during take-off, cruise, and landing (when the Clampetts flew to England)

    Bill Moyers' A Walk Through the 20th Century: Come to the Fairs (PBS 1983) color film footage of the 1964-65 New York World's fair includes two or three shots of a Sikorsky S-61N with "TWA" globes on each side of the fuselage and one on the bottom landing on the Port Authority Pavilion rooftop heliport (now the "Terrace in the Park" restaurant). The helicopter also had very small "New York Airways" titles, even though NYA was officially operating BV-107 II's at the time. (part 6 of 18; available on VHS at some Public Libraries).

    (The) Brady Bunch (1969-1974) - episode with trip to Hawaii - United DC-8-61 & Pt. 3 has a 747 take-off in delivery scheme

    Cheers (1982-1993) Ted Danson - at least one night shot of a parked TWA L-1011 in episode where Diane went to England to get married; perhaps another shot in the very last episode where Sam & Diane fly in it

    (The) Courtship of Eddie’s Father (1969-1972) Bill Bixby - opening of every episode features the two main characters near an airport runway watching a 727 fly by on final

    Ein Engel auf Erden (Austrian 1969 TV Movie) Monika Poeschl Air France L-749 Connie w/Speedpack, Douglas DC-6,
    Vickers Viscounts, Douglas DC-3, Bell 47G

    Flash Gordon Episode 1 (1936) Buster Crabbe - reported to contain footage of a Ford Trimotor

    Friends (1994-2004) Jennifer Anniston, Matt LeBlanc - at least one episode has a brief shot of an airliner

    Frontline: Your Flight is Cancelled ( PBS 1988 ) Plentiful footage of airliners of the 1980’s, especially at ATL. Orig. b’dcast 2/16/88 (perhaps available at some Public Libraries)

    Golden Girls (1985-1992) - 727 seen during opening titles

    Hawaii Five-O (1968-1980) Jack Lord - opening of every episode features a very brief, wide-angle (fish-eye) view of a UA DC-8-62 landing at HNL and the camera then moves “into” its engine nacelle!

    McCloud (early 70’s NBC Mystery Movie Series) Dennis Weaver -featured a brief shot of a Pan Am 747 on approach for landing - I think it was an episode in Hawaii with guest star Don Ho. This movie series also featured airliners in several “episodes”.

    Mighty Machines (Canadian 1994 or 2002) Canadian DC-10 & Terminal 1 at Toronto

    Murder on Flight 502 (1975 TV Movie) Farrah Fawcett-Majors - United Boeing 747-122, AA Boeing 747, Pan Am 707-321C

    My Three Sons (1960 - 1972) Fred MacMurray - Episode: "Le Petite Stowaway" (1962) Pan Am 707-321 (JT4As) & AA 720B

    Nova: (The) Mysterious Crash of Flight 201 (PBS 1993) (orig. b’dcast 11/30/93) a lot of footage of COPA Panama 737-200’s, inside and out; available from PBS

    Nova: DC-3: The plane that changed the world (PBS 1985) Plentiful footage of its namesake and also DC-2’s. Tri-Motors, and other vintage airliners. Orig. b’dcast 12/17/85 (perhaps available at some Public Libraries).

    Nova: Why Planes Burn (PBS 1988 )(orig. b’dcast 2/9/88 - perhaps available at some Public Libraries).

    Nova: Why Planes Crash (PBS 1987) (orig. b’dcast 2/3/87 - perhaps available at some Public Libraries).

    (The) Prisoner (1967) Patrick McGoohan - episode "The Chimes of Big Ben" Carvair being loaded ad taking off

    (The) Rockford Files (1974-1980) James Garner - several episodes have footage of LAX & perhaps airliners (?); one episode features the same orange and white Bell JetRanger seen in The Towering Inferno (1974) and Dirty Mary & Crazy Larry.

    San Francisco International Airport (NBC 1970-1971 6 episodes) Lloyd Bridges - reported to have many clips of 1970’s SFO traffic (unconfirmed) Note: this was also a 2 hr. TV Pilot Film - see Movie section above.

    Seinfeld (1989-1998 ) Jerry Seinfeld - one episode (“The Airport”?) features a twilight, air-to-air shot of a DC-9-10 or -20.

    (The) Sopranos (1999 - 2007) James Gandolfini -a 727-200 seen during the opening titles

    (The) Twilight Zone - Episode 54 The Odyssey of Flight 33 (2nd Season first aired 2/24/61) John Anderson, Paul Comi - A Global 707 (Flight 33) ends up in the Dinosaur Age. The better episode for technical accuracy and camera shots.

    (The) Twilight Zone - Episode 123 “Nightmare at 20,000 feet” (5th Season first aired 10/11/63) William Shatner - footage of a "Gold Star" DC-6 and CV-340.

    UFO (1969-1970 TV Show, UK) episode 14 Confetti Check A-OK - filmed Oct. 1969 - color shots of PA 707 take-off and PA DC-8-30 taxiing at JFK (N816PA?). Footage locations: 0:08:03 aerial view of Heathrow Airport (6 sec.); 0:10:55 Pan Am 707-321B N760PA 18335/268 “Jet Clipper Evening Star” w. ventral fin takes off (13 sec.); Pan Am DC-8 with JT3C engine ejectors stowed taxies in front of Int’l. Arrivals Bldg. at JFK (9½ sec.)
    6½ Magic Hours ( color 1958 ) produced for Pan Am. Contains Boeing air-to-air footage of early PA 707-121 N707PA “Clipper America” starting at 1:13:24, belly shot of gear coming down at 1:18:33 plus a few ramp and interior shots. Note that the “Clipper” name was only on the left side.

    (The) Airport ( B&W 1948 ) 0:10:47 AA DC-6 takes off during opening titles. 0:11:09 parked TWA Connie; 0:11:44 AA CV 240-0 air-to-air, followed by aerial views of Chicago (?) and the airport, then landing and taxiing at 0:12:36; 0:14:16 UA DC-4 in hangar for maintenance; 0:14;22 UA DC-4 NC30043 “Mainliner Golden Gate” (10487/DC218 C-54B-1-DC del to USAAF 12/22/44 as 42-72382; sold to Douglas 11/7/45; DC-4 conv. #11; sold to UA 3/14/46) being pushed out of hangar; more UA DC-6’s at 0:16:22; 0:17:49 & 0:18:05 UA DC-6 NC37527 “Mainliner Indiana” (43016/66 del. 8/22/47); 0:20:58 UA DC-4 “Cargoliner 230” takes off. Second of five vintage films on the DVD titled "Golden Age Airlines Sampler 1940s - 1960s" produced by" (Canada)

    Air Transportation ( B&W 1947 ) Interesting footage of all aspects of airline operations at the time, from the perspective of employment opportunities. Starts with a UA DC-3 in flight at 0:00:16 (the “Mainliner”). At 0:00:21 is a DC-4 on final; 0:00:28 C&S (Chicago & Southern) DC-4 “City of Caracas” taxies to its Gate; 0:02:12 C&S “City of Havana”; 0:04:24 C&S “City of Kingston”; 0:04:49 and 0:05:13 TWA DC-3; 0:05:57 C&S DC-4; 0:06:09 TWA DC-3 fln 384; 0:06:31 TWA L-049/C-69C NC86501 “Star of the Persian Gulf” w. Arabic translation underneath (orig. USAF 42-94561 but ntu; del. to Transcont. & Western Air 12/7/45 #2022) close-up of its nose and cockpit at 0:07:50 (note antenna under window), then taxi & t/o; 0:07:43 C&S DC-4 or DC-6 starts engine; 0:08:26 Slick Airways Curtiss Commando Cargo; 0:10:16 night time close-up of TWA DC-3 rear door; seats can be seen. First of five vintage films on the DVD titled "Golden Age Airlines Sampler 1940s - 1960s" produced by".

    Avion Video series (UK) sells many DVD’s from airports all over the world, and also devoted to a particular aircraft, such a the BAC 1-11 film series originally produced by BAE Aerospace

    (The) Braniff Video (2003) produced by "The Braniff Pages" & Warlock Studios; original BI films from 1965-1984 transferred to video, then DVD; includes many of the BI fleet in Alexander Gerard colors (Pastel Yellow BAC 1-11 N1546), air-to-air and ramp shots, 747SP N603BN, the Calder DC-8 & 727 (N408BN), the "Flying Colors" fleet including red/orange 727-200 N401BN, some "Ultra" colors, and many, many more. Quality of most is not very good at all (looks like a multi-generation video) but there's hardly anything but airliners on this DVD and the footage is unique and hard to find.

    Flying with Arthur Godfrey ( color 1953 ) Interesting film with lots of footage of at least two Eastern Super Connies (inside and out, and less than 1 and 2 years old at the time), and a shot or two of a SPAD, and a Lockheed F-94C-1-1.0 (51-5633A). 0:29:11 parked SPAD & EA 1049 #206 (N6206C del. 12/31/51) and #202 (N6202C del. 4/4/52); 0:32:44 walking to the Connie & prep. for flight; 0:35:44 intercom and eng. start on ‘202’; 0:37:20 close-up of cockpit exterior; 0:38:02 ‘202’ taxies to “warm-up block” near 13R at Idlewild for flight 601 to MIA & engine runups; 0:40:24 belly shot of t/o and shots of gear retraction; 0:42:47 air-to-air shots of EA Martin “Silver Falcon” (which replaced the DC-3; 40 pass; 300 mph cruise); 0:46:46 belly shot of gear coming down; 0:47:50 belly shot of landing on a runway 17 (supposedly MIA); 0:48:18 end of taxi and eng. shut-off; 0:49:55 close-up of nose “at night” with red passing light “on”; 0:52:44 landing light is turned on,& night view of approach runway lights w. strobes; 0:53:50 demo of flight w. 3 engs. out. At the time, Arthur Godfrey owned a DC-3 and an “Avion” (shown in film). Third of five vintage films on the DVD titled "Golden Age Airlines Sampler 1940s - 1960s" produced by"

    Golden Age Airlines Sampler 1940s - 1960s produced by "" (Canada) Vintage films on DVD-R including "Air Transportation" (1947), "The Airport" ( 1948 ), "Flying with Arthur Godfrey" ( 1953 ), "6½ Magic Hours" ( 1958 ), and "Plane Talk" (1965). Also available thru “”. The quality cannot be compared to a fully restored Hollywood DVD transfer, but the footage is priceless! See individual titles for details and footage locations.

    Just Planes video series (and other similar) which feature mostly contemporary airliners at different airports around the world. Many, many titles and airports available. Very nice footage but shot on video, not film.

    Plane Talk ( color 1965 ) produced by AT&T. Interesting footage of all aspects of airline operations at the time. Starts with the famous belly-mounted 707 camera footage of a takeoff from a runway 13/31 at 1:21:57, switches to a TWA 727-100, then back to a 707 (this is all during the opening credits). This is followed b a Delta DC-8-50 taxiing at ATL & a DL CV 880 in the foreground (N8616E?), EA 727 in original “Fly Eastern” livery takes off (all 727’s in this film are -100’s; -200’s were not available yet), NW 707 air-to-air, two NA DC-8’s, two BI 707’s (or 720’s) in their first BI livery, nice air-to-air AA 727 take off in original livery, a NA DC-8-50 takes off, shot of the TWA term at JFK, CO 707 air-to-air, NE CV-880 take-off, DL DC-8-50 takes-off from LAX, CO 707 boarding, PA 720 (N762PA or &_3PA?) & KLM 880 parked at MIA, UA 727 air-to-air in orig. colors (maybe N___4); 1:23:33 New York Airways BV-107 II landing at JFK or EWR, Flying Tigers Cargo Prop w. swing tail open, AA 707 w. red nose approaches gate (angle similar to “Bullitt”),; 1:24:01 AA 720 N7525A at Seattle-Tacoma Int’l; Western 720B; 1:24:41 NA 727 air-to-air, turning, TWA 707 crossing auto overpass at JFK, Dulles Terminal, EA 720 in “Fly Eastern” livery, CO 707 landing at LAX, DL 880 t/o, c/u TWA 707 w. all blk radome; 1:28:49 footage of UA DC-8’s begins (including close-ups of door area and interiors); 1:33:24 UA DC-8-50 leaves term (as Flt. 210 from Dulles to LAX); 1:34:01 smoky t/o and belly mounted camera footage of DC-8 take-off plus another shot from closer to the nose showing the front gear retracting; the following are all in-flight UA DC-8-12/21: 1:32:52, 1:35:47 (seen from above), 1:36:36, 1:37:31, 1:38:34, 1:38:56, and 1:40:34. At 1:39:35 wood and metal TWA Ford Tri-motors, incl. N414H (fln 601); 1:40:16 NA DC-8-12/21 #72 prep. for dep.; 1:40:46 belly footage of 707 approach; 1:41:10 UA DC-8-12/21 N8027U w. wht radome lands at LAX and proceeds to Gate 72, then a close-up of a -50 w. a “blk dot” radome and “DC-8 Jet Mainliner” title pulling up to the gate. Also shot of a Western Airlines “Tel-A-Dex” weather & temp in any city machine w. rotary dial; Last of five vintage films on the DVD titled "Golden Age Airlines Sampler 1940s - 1960s" produced by" (Canada)

    (The) Spirit of American and Dream of Flight (1999) two 70mm IMAX films created for the C.R. Smith Museum at Fort Worth, TX & American Airlines, available on VHS - excellent footage of the recent AA fleet (except the 777 and F-100) and vintage DC-3 and DC-7; basically one long commercial, but the footage and quality are excellent, as long as you don't mind watching only one airline!
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    A Junkers is featured prominently in the recent film "Valkyrie". My 12 year-old son, ever the aviation enthusiast, knows the exact type.... I'll try to remember to ask him.


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      Thank you Verbal for bringing that up to Louis, and thanks Louis for restoring the data!


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        I don’t know if this qualifys for your definition of real airliner footage.

        Raid on Entebbe - Charles Bronson
        (based on a true story- the plot was basically ripped off and Americanized and fictionalized in the movie “Delta Force”)
        If I remember correctly there were some airliner scenes in the beginning and possibly the end of the movie.

        The movie

        The mission. Entebbe Raid or Operation Thunderbolt

        Soul Plane (Not sure if any of the footage is real)


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          Brideflight (2008 ) with the beautiful G-APSA as a KLM DC-6.
          “The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”



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            What about the movies Flight Plan, and The Terminal?


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              Some comments re: this interesting thread:

              I can confirm that there is film of two Carvairs being loaded with cars and passengers in Goldfinger.

              There are Electras in Moonraker.

              The Short flying boat in Raiders of the Lost Ark is real, not a model. (The aircraft wasn't airworthy, but one of the engines was operable, hence the scene where the engine is shown starting).

              Strategic Air Command -- This may not be film of airliners, but this movie features astounding air-to-air film of B-36s and B-47s that should not be missed!

              Television: In the series The Prisoner, episode The Chimes of Big Ben, there is also a brief scene featuring a Carvair being loaded and taking off.


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                Interesting thread... I can add a few from James Bond films

                Die Another Day: Yes, there was a clip of a BA 747-400 in flight, then 007 in the First Class BA cabin, then a landing of a 747-400... which, if you look closely, is in fact a Virgin Atlantic 747-400!

                Moonraker: Electras (old Varig colours with titles covered up with Drax Air Freight) and also AF Concorde landing and 007 getting off in Rio

                Goldeneye: Landing of a BA 757 in old colours

                Casino Royale: Virgin Atlantic A340-600, Travel Service 737-800, CSA A310 and what looks like a real Air Atlantic DC-6 during the chase sequence at "Miami Airport" which I believe is in fact Prague. Also not exactly a "real" airliner but a real 747-200 airframe with strange engines and fuel tanks at the end of the chase sequence. Only a few seconds worth of film actually used this "747", the rest was a model/computer generated...


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                  Should I update the list above or post revised below?

                  Originally posted by n777co View Post
                  What about the movies Flight Plan, and The Terminal?
                  Thanks for all the contributions! Keep 'em coming!

                  The list was last updated two years ago, before this forum's server crashed and it was lost, back when this was called "Air Disaster". So we are now starting where we left off - quite a few movies have come out since then.

                  Flight Plan (2005 - Jodie Foster) only showed a fictional, computer-generated airliner, which is why I didn't include it in the list. I don't recall any good shots of airliners in The Terminal - I'll have to watch it again - or perhaps someone else can chime in and we'll add it.

                  Question: as information is added/corrected, should I edit the original list? (Post #1) or would that cause confusion? It's a long list, I wouldn't want to keep posting the list over and over again, even if it is corrected.

                  What do you think?

                  P.S. -
                  Originally posted by CanVoodoo View Post
                  Strategic Air Command - This may not be film of airliners, but this movie features astounding air-to-air film of B-36s and B-47s that should not be missed!
                  Got it - thanks. Was already on the list because a DC-3 also appears in the movie.

                  Originally posted by CanVoodoo View Post
                  The Short flying boat in Raiders of the Lost Ark is real, not a model. (The aircraft wasn't airworthy, but one of the engines was operable, hence the scene where the engine is shown starting).
                  Thanks for bringing that up. The only scenes where the real ex. BOAC airplane was shown were in the establishing shots where it is parked in the water. But this was a "glass matte" shot, and the real plane can barely be seen at all. The glass matte added all the "Pan American Airways System" titles, some windows and other details to make it resemble a now exctinct Boeing 314 Clipper (Pan Am never flew the Short Solent Mk III Flying Boat). All scenes where the aircraft is flying were done with a miniature. The glass painting used in the shot, as well as the miniature, are shown in a book called "From Star Wars to Indiana Jones - the Best of the Lucasfilm Archives". What we really see of the real Short Flying Boat is actually very, very little. But I suppose I should add it to the list anyway.
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                    Originally posted by Verbal View Post
                    A Junkers is featured prominently in the recent film "Valkyrie". My 12 year-old son, ever the aviation enthusiast, knows the exact type.... I'll try to remember to ask him.
                    The mini-Verb says it is a Junkers Ju-52 in "Valkyrie". It is used as Hitler's personal transport in the film.


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                      Originally posted by Louis Gonzalez View Post
                      Question: as information is added/corrected, should I edit the original list? (Post #1) or would that cause confusion? It's a long list, I wouldn't want to keep posting the list over and over again, even if it is corrected.
                      Louis, I would suggest adding information to Post #1. This will keep all the information together as your database expands.

                      Also, can I get an autographed baseball from you? For my kid, of course. Thanks in advance.


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                        I'm not sure but United 93 I think use a few images of some UA planes at KBOS. For TV shows I remember watching a Mighty Machines episode that had a Canadain DC-10 and Terminal 1 at CYYZ .



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                          Did I miss the opening credits for Hawaii 50?The DC 8 on finals??
                          Who's on first?..........


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                            Hi Guys-

                            First of all, THANK YOU for all the herculean effort here, and I have some more info for you:

                            "Boeing, Boeing"-1965

                            Air India 707-400, BOAC VC-10, Lufthnasa 727, Pan Am 707-300B, TWA 707-300B or C, British United BAC One-Eleven.

                            "B.S. I Love You"-1971

                            TWA CV-880 take-off


                            "The Crowded Sky"-1960

                            "Trans State" (Delta) DC-7, & Lockheed TV-2 (T-33) "Seastar"


                            "Lost Flight"-1972 (I think)

                            Ex-QANTAS 707-138B (Super short body)


                            "Jet Over The Atlantic"-1959

                            Aeronaves Bristol Britannia


                            "No Highway In The Sky"-1951

                            Mythical "Rutland Rheindeer"

                            Looks sort of like a cross between a Brabazon, and a Republic XF-12 "Raindow"


                            "The Pilot"-1979

                            GREAT DC-8-21 footage throughout; ex-UAL as "Noth American Airlines"

                            (See my You Tube channel for the film trailer)


                            "San Francisco International"-1970 (The film)

                            Modern Air CV-990
                            Western 720B
                            TWA 747-100/200 maybe???
                            Western 737-200
                            ONA DC-9-30
                            AA 707-300C Freighter
                            UAL DC-8-21


                            "The Ugly American"

                            The TWA CV-880 is actually landing here, rather than taking-off.


                            "The Brady Bunch"-1972

                            The Hawaii episode also features a UAL 747 in "Thin red stripe & black italic titles" 1970 delivery colours on take-off in part 3.


                            Twilight Zone-"Nightmare At 20,000 feet"-Circa 1960

                            "Sets" of a DC-6, & CV-340


                            I'm DESPERATELY trying to find all six episodes of the "San Francisco International Airport" TV show, and if you know anyone who might have them, PLEASE let me know!!

                            Thnanks so much,


                            "The Boxart Den"

                            World's largest display & collection of FULLY RESTORED rare & collectable model kit box art







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                              Golden Girls TV show - 727 during opening credits
                              -Not an Airbus or Boeing guy here.
                              -20 year veteran on the USN Lockheed P-3 Orion.