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  • "Greening" you out of jobs

    I'm a rather big fan of Mike Boyd's weekly columns, as they tell a great deal more about the current state of economy. This past week he wrote about how the political correctness and the ideals in Washington are going to in my words "green some out of work." Its a good read.

    Update On Elimination of Symbols of Corporate Greed
    More Progress For Glorious Proletariat Masses

    Within a day or two of its bankruptcy and its effective takeover by the government, General Motors moved to become more eco-friendly and more in line with modern political thinking.

    It petitioned the bankruptcy court to invalidate leases on several of its corporate jets.

    Gone will be these symbols of fat-catism, not to mention environmentally unsustainable modes of moving over-paid enemies of the People across the nation.

    The common man certainly is cheering at this victory over what congress has declared as symbols of corporate greed and sloth. But there's more progress to report in the war on the elite who have supposedly milked this nation dry to the point where our Glorious Congress must step in and print money faster than the latest edition of the Sunday Times.

    Victories Scored Across The Nation! Last month, Gulfstream laid off 2,000 workers. Dassault Falcon eliminated 153 jobs at its Little Rock business jet facility. This follows Hawker Beechcraft, which has cut 2,300 jobs system wide. Cessna has cancelled the Columbus business jet program as well as the planned construction of the factory thatjobs5.JPG (44758 bytes) was to build it.

    Last month, Cessna also announced closure of its Bend, Oregon plant, which until last year was busily spitting out small single-engine aircraft, each of which was no doubt adding to global warming, threatening endangered species, causing arctic ice to disappear, and were nothing more than baubles to keep overpaid orthodontists entertained on weekends.

    That'll teach 'em.

    Toss in Rep. Henry Waxman's hobby-lobby cap-and-tax schemes, and we can write finis on general aviation again threatening the common people, at least anytime soon.

    Economics, Yes. But... Yes, it's absolutely true that the recession has a whole lot to do with business aviation's problems. Budgets are being slashed, and corporate flight departments are at to top of the hit parade. Existing orders are being cancelled.

    But make no mistake: this is not just about a downturn. It's about a political jihad against symbols of wealth or perceived symbols of wealth. General/business aviation fits that bill. It's exotic. It's expensive. And it's not a product that the masses readily use or know much about. It's a perfect target for politicians who care more about making a media splash than they do about integrity.

    Any industry whose products are so blatantly painted as those of irresponsible greed - which congress and the media have been doing with business/general aviation since last fall when three auto execs used corporate planes to get to D.C.- isn't operating on a level playing field. It's very clear that there's been a self-righteous witch hunt by sleazy soap-box politicians against the industry. And, to be sure, the man on the street has mostly cheered on this great movement, not having a clue about the facts of the matter.

    GA & SUVs - Only Irresponsible Citizens Would Want 'Em... Even when the economy rebounds, big corporate America will think twice about ordering that G-650, and well-to-do individuals (if there are any left) won't be so eager to rush out and buy that used 337 Skymaster. Beyond the issues of political correctness, there's also the issue of an administration hell-bent on limiting use of oil and restricting drilling for more. (Try getting to the grocery store on wind power.) Result: General and business aviation will come with a much higher price tag.

    Washington is just sooo focused on "saving jobs" - but only those that meet the trendy smell test. General and Business aviation are perfect class-war punching bags, so those jobs can just go away. Washington won't do a thing to stop it.

    And the masses really are cheering. They don't understand. And many don't want to. They're under the impression that the GA industry is a symbol of the rich, and in this new political environment, rich is bad. Achievement and symbols related to achievement - such as private airplanes - are bad. You'd best not disagree for fear of being painted as unpatriotic.

    It's what happens when me-too mob mentality replaces rational policy making. It's what happens when people who know better refuse or are afraid to speak out against the accepted "consensus." And that's where we're headed.

    This Isn't Bidness As Usual. As far as aviation goes, things have changed fundamentally with this new administration. Blindly assuming that what's been going on in Washington since January 20 is just more "politics-as-usual" is as naive as describing Honolulu a week after Pearl Harbor as "just another day in paradise."

    Deal with it: fundamental changes are in place and more are coming - doctrinaire policy changes that don't have the aviation business in mind. Policies are being formulated by people who wouldn't know a G-V from a Popsicle.

    For example, FBOs across the nation are feeling the pinch - and it's going to get worse. How many jobs are at stake there? How much airport revenue is at stake. What could be the fallout to our general airports? Deal with it: Washington does not give a rip. It's not on their radar screen.

    Or, more accurately, it is on their radar screen. As a target.

    Airline and airport industries, take note. The attack has been launched. You're next in line for amateur social architects to try their populist magic.