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  • Best airports in europe

    Hi all i am off to europe this year in april,
    i want to know all the best airports to visit,
    i was in england last year but did not go into any other countrys in europe,
    heathrow was just amazing so busy,
    would like to go to some airports with some good viewing decks,

    so if anyone can help that would be very good,

    kind regards iron

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    Hi there

    You definitely need to visit AMS, it has a great (huge) viewing deck and there are some great places around the airport for "action" photography.

    ZRH offers a great mountain backdrop and again has a nice viewing deck. When the weather is nice this place is amazing.

    FRA is apparently good as well, although not been personally, same goes for MAD if you want somewhere a bit warmer.

    CDG is good for traffic, a lot of African carriers, but there is no viewing deck and you have to do a fair bit of walking. Still good photos can be had here.

    CPH is often missed, and is good for the Nordic/Baltic carriers. If you take numbers then it is SK heaven. Some good viewing here around the airport, but still no viewing deck of sorts (it's a 10 mins bus ride to the Flyvergrillen).

    Also, if you're in the UK, and depending on where you are, MAN may be worth a visit. A little quieter than LHR, but photography here is fantastic (probably the best in the UK) and still some nice visitors (QR, PK, EY, SQ etc). Also you get a lot of the regional European airlines that you may like to see.

    A good website is - lots of updated info here for wherever you may choose.

    Good luck wherever you end up



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      This is a must to do.. as Belgium,
      I promote BRU, small and cosy !
      We'll got a bit of everything,the most european airliners +
      not the most specials BUT a lot of different smaller planes +
      nice spotting views+
      we have waffles and the best beer/chocolat of the world for
      during your waiting times!
      offcourse,nearby CDG(1h20min by train)-CRL (LCC) and ANR(very small
      but lot of business planes) if you come over try a weekend to go somewhere
      where you can fly the DC3 Dakota of DDA ! That's an expierence you'll never forget and not expensive neither!
      So maybe not the best but surely one where you can the most of FUN!


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        Well, I want to sort this post by "yet been to" and "not yet been to". And the "not yet" list is definitely longer, I want to begin with that:

        "Airports in Europe that I've not yet been to, but they're on my list"
        1. LIMJ - Genova Sestri (in English we probably say "Genoa"?) - VERY small concerning passenger numbers, but as it is with Hotels: location location location is everything. And Genoa is beautiful in my eyes, also in Winter (which I know from photos), alot of bigger hills around...
        LIMJ approach certainly is worth a travel.
        2. LIRN - Napoli Capodichino (engl.: Naples) - Have you ever been to a volcano?
        3. LEMD - Madrid Barajas - again, what I know from photos, I have to visit that airport.
        4. GCXO - Los Rodeos (Tenerife North) - bad things happened in the 1970s, thus, a location with history and in my eyes worth a travel.
        5. LEBL - Barcelona - don't know if they have an observer deck, maybe somebody knows?

        "Airports in Europe that I've yet been to and which i find impressive"
        1. LFPG - Paris CDG (no extra explanation needed) - Huge, but the Architect mustve won dozens of awards for what he did in Roissy, especially Terminal 2. I prefer ground transport from/to/between Terminals LFPG in overland buses.
        2. EDDM - Munich - Definitely smaller than Paris CDG, but for me the best way to travel to Southern Germany if you start in EDDL.
        3. EDDL - Home sweet home, with everything I need: ground transport via train, city bus, express bus and highway. and two observer decks.
        The German long haul is alive, since more than 60 years.
        The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
        And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
        This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.


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          AMS and LHR are of course well worth the trip! I have been impressed each time I have been!