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United Airlines 737-300 Being Scrap at LAX

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  • United Airlines 737-300 Being Scrap at LAX

    I work for a express company at LAX and have ramp access and today Feb/04/2010 i saw a UA 737-300 N202UA I UA colors no titles with engines removed inside everything was being removed. the aircraft is park at Atlantic Aviation Ramp. close to the service road. anyone have any kind of news about this aircraft. looks like it will never fly again.
    the address is :

    6411 West Imperial Highway
    Los Angeles,Ca 90045

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    That airplane was delivered to United on 12 October 1990. It was last showing about 53k flight hours and 31k flight cycles, which is middle age for a 737. Though theoretically there are many years of service left in the frame, dismantling it may be a decision of economics.
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      Sounds likely that the aircraft was costing money and was not likely to find a new home anytime soon. Therefore the aircraft was probably worth more to the owner in parts. Sad as it is this is what happens to all aircraft in the end and the B737-300's have had there day now.


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        LAX seems to be an unusual location to dismantle a commercial airplane, since that's what nearby desert boneyards are for. The location provided puts the airframe about where the airport fire department used to conduct emergency fire suppression training years ago. I doubt though that they would actually use a "real" airplane for fire training, given all the carcinogens that even a completely scrapped airplane could put out into the sourrounding community. And I haven't seen them doing much training in that area for years anyway. It's still unusual that the airplane would be de-commissioned at the airport, unless it was so unserviceable it wasn't airworthy enough even to ferry out to the desert.



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          Any pics of this?
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            UFO, its possible they're just stripping the interior before fitting the oldest engines they can find for a ferry to the desert.


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              I took a bike ride past the area this weekend, but you can't see much from the roadway since the property area in question is elevated and no line of sight. You can click the thumbnail below to see the google view. Not much tarmac area, with exception of the fire and evacuation pad, with a couple of hulks sitting there. Maybe that's the bird with the slide up against it, but hard to tell without wings or a tail if it's UAL. Dunno. Nice firepit though.

              I have a neighbor that works for UAL (aircraft stores, I think). Anyway, I'll ask if she knows anything.



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                scraping 737-300 at LAX

                The photo from google earth is wrong location . the aircraft is at the 105 freeway and Sepulveda Blvd if you take the 105 freeway take the sepulveda offramp as if your going to lax. you will see it next to the runway (service road) the aircraft is still there no engines strip inside. google earth or earth view will not show it. sense there photos are over 2 years old.