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Goodbye Finnair MD11s!

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  • Goodbye Finnair MD11s!

    So the time has come for AY to say goodbye to there MD11s, which is a very sad day, considering KLM and WA are the only airlines still operating Pax configured MD-11s. Flight AY022 from DEL-HEL on Monday 22nd February marks the last MD11 flight for Finnair. I for one was lucky enough to have visited Helsinki to photograph the 3 remaining AY M11s. LGB, LGF, LGG. Hopefully AY go ahead with using them as cargo birds!

    Taken from the other site:
    Legendary Boeing MD-11 bids farewell to Finnair's passenger traffic

    [COLOR=red !important][COLOR=red !important]Flight[/COLOR][/COLOR] AY022 from Delhi to Helsinki on Monday, 22 February is the final
    passenger flight in scheduled traffic of Finnair's MD-11 aircraft. Finnair
    began its successful conquest of Asia with the wide-bodied MD-11 at the turn of
    the millennium, and this type of aircraft has been in the company's service for
    nearly 20 years.

    To date Finnair's MD-11 fleet has behind it around 400,000 flying hours and
    more than 50,000 landings. Overall, Finnair's MD-11s have carried around 14
    million passengers.

    "In 1990 Finnair introduced the MD-11 on a flight from
    [COLOR=red !important][COLOR=red !important]Helsinki[/COLOR][/COLOR] to Las Palmas,
    becoming the first airline in the world to operate the aircraft. In its time
    the aircraft, which is excellent in terms of its performance, represented
    state-of-the-art technology," says MD-11 Fleet Chief Rabbe-Holger Wrede.

    "Over the years Finnair has been one of the pioneers in the use of the best
    modern technology and now it's the right time to move on to new, more
    environmentally friendly aircraft. Our long-haul fleet now consists of Airbus
    A330 and A340 aircraft. In 2014 our fleet will be further supplemented by
    totally new Airbus A350 aircraft," explains Finnair's SVP Communications
    Christer Haglund.

    The company's long-haul fleet will now consist only of A340 and A330 aircraft,
    which will harmonise the long-haul fleet with the European fleet and its A320
    series aircraft. The fleet modernisation significantly improves both
    profitability and environmental efficiency. The new Airbus long-haul aircraft
    consume 20 per cent less fuel per passenger than the MD-11 they replace.

    Of all the world's network airlines, Finnair now flies its scheduled flights
    with the most modern fleet. The average age of Finnair's aircraft is under six

    The two MD-11 owned by Finnair are on sale. The possibility of continuing to
    use them in Finnair's cargo traffic is also being assessed.

    Finnair Plc

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    I also hope Finnair starts cargo operations with its MD-11's but i dont see it being very successful unless they can get a special contract in place for their operations.


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      The good ol' MD11. It is a great airplane and I am happy that I took 287 flights on the MD11 so far - more to come

      Sad to see another airline suspending its operation with the MD11 Pax...


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        I am glad I am at an airport where MD-11s will be around for a while.
        You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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          My girlfriend'll be in that very last revenue flight. I'll ask her to take a few pics and I'll try to post them here next week.

          Good bye Md-11, sad to see it go....


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            I flew on one of their MD11's from HEL to HKG via BKK a few years ago. Good airline and the aircraft was comfortable. Views of Afghanistan were outstanding.

            But the MD11's are fuel guzzlers and IMO AY are correct to move on to newer & better aircraft including the A350 which I think they are the launch customer for.


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              Yes in fairness there time has come. The only reason they are likely to keep the A340 in operations for the moment is because it is powered by very weak engines that arent as fuel guzzling as the ones on the MD-11. Sadly the MD-11 was never as successful as most of us three holer fans would have liked it to be. This is indeed sad news indeed and if im not mistaken leaves only KLM using them on scheduled services.


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                Sad to see Finnair terminate their service! Am damn lucky to have seen them @ BOM many moons ago! BOM still gets its fair share of cargo MD11s till date!


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                  After todays DEL-HEL service, there will be a HEL-YVR-HEL charter.