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Service call for AVOD problem

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  • Service call for AVOD problem

    I recently flew on Qantas VH-OJF from SYD to FAJS. I was seated in 67D. The AVOD system on this seat was not working as it should:

    - during movie playback, it frequently shut down for 2 seconds or so (black video screen & no audio), and then promptly resumed playing;

    - the audio level during movie playback was very soft (max'ing audio level did not help).

    I think I've flown in this same seat during a previous flight last year, and had similar issues then. This time around, I asked the cabin crew to log a service call to have this seat's AVOD inspected (I assume there would be some form of error log trace capabilities which would pinpoint the cause?).

    Question: is there a (Qantas) website, or email address, where pax could log such service calls, with a higher probability that the issue will be fixed?

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    good luck! that av system will most likely remain in that condition until the a/c goes in for much more serious service.

    i've experienced broken seats on the same a/c weeks apart, even though a broken seat is potentially a safety issue, it went unattended to. yet another example of "funds over function"


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      Correct, the issue could be caused by a sporadic short-circuit in that seat's equipment, which could pose a fire hazard!

      Maybe this was caused by overheat protection circuitry kicking in...

      I was trying to compare the airline business with e.g. a software vendor like Microsoft. Critical software issues are resolved by means of hotfixes, but non-critical issues are only fixed in the next major release...

      I was hoping that maybe a 744 pilot would be reading my post, and would be in a position to express an opinion regarding AVOD failures or deficiencies...


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        G'day CC,

        You've done the best thing that you could do, which is to ask the Cabin Crew to log the issue. By going into the log, it has to be addressed by engineering in one way or another.

        That doesn't necessarily mean they'll fix it immediately, but it means that they are aware of it, and will be tracking it.

        IFE systems for most airlines seem to have worked out to be an awful lot of hassle unfortunately, and even the best systems out there have problems.

        But yes, best option is to ask the cabin crew to log it, and at least then you'll know it is being tracked.


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          Ii is not rare that I see or experience problem with AVOD on flights - that is why I carry a book as backup (since most flights I fly are full).


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            Thanks for the updates MCM & Highkeas.