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Earthquake Closes Santiago Airport

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  • Earthquake Closes Santiago Airport

    The Santiago airport has been closed for the next 72 hours after a magnitude 8.8 earthquake on the Richter scale hit Concepcion, Chile which it 325km from Santiago.

    All Flights have been canceled out of Santiago and been diverted. The airport has gotten some damage, including a walkway that has fallen.

    Officials said damage to Santiago international airport's terminal would keep it closed for at least 72 hours. Flights are being diverted to Mendoza in Argentina.
    Air Canada has diverted last nights ACA092 from YYZ-SCL back to Toronto and canceled tonight's flight.

    Let's hope for the best.

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    Originally posted by C-FMWQ View Post
    Let's hope for the best.
    If a massive earthquake has to happen somewhere in South America, Chile is probably the best-run, best-managed, best-prepared and best-governed country in the continent to handle this. From the latest news, the Chilean Government is already on top of things and is managing the situation pretty well. Although fatalities would be unavoidable in such disaster, Chile can probably pull itself out of it pretty quickly.
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      I really wonder how many major earthquakes have happened in the Southern Hemisphere except in or near Chile. The Andes stretch north to south nearly the whole continent. They are undoubtedly the product of continental drift. But Chile seems to absorb the brunt of plate movement.

      I wonder what you can do to make an airport earthquake resistant.