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Living Under a Flight Path

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  • Living Under a Flight Path

    I live 12 miles from a commercial airport where the aircraft fly no higher than 3200ft/975m.
    1) From that altitude, can the passengers see me wave?
    2) Sometimes they will fly in a clean configuration. Other times, they will deploy the landing gear and/or flaps. Why so early. It's normally done about 6-7miles out.

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    Hi, the answer to the first question, is that it is very unlikely that passengers can see you wave from 3000 feet up from personal experience. Even at 2000 feet, people are almost indistinguishable/indistinguishable from my personal experience.



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      Hi, for the second question, i think that every airline have it's own policy and procedures, some of them prefer to get the aircraft configured correctly 12miles away from the runway.

      Plus it depends on the type of the aircraft.

      If you want you can check out the approach chart of the airport, and specifically the approach to that runway. You will find the final approach fix (FAF) where the plane should be completely configured (well trimmed, with grear and flaps down).
      The distance between the FAF and the runway thereshold can depend of the approach type (VOR-DME, ILS, Visual etc...)