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Landing an MD 80 with a wicked crosswind

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  • Landing an MD 80 with a wicked crosswind

    It always amazes me when I get to see pilots showing their skill. This video from Just Planes shows a landing at NCE on 4L with a surface wind of 100 degrees at 21kt (It's at the very end of the clip, the rest of the video is also quite interesting).

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    Sweet video, talk about landing a bit left of centerline and moving the yoke around at the end.
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      That would have been a good landing if the wind was 41, for a 21 knot wind that was a horrible landing. To be that far left of centerline is not acceptable. I'm not a super pilot, but if the winds were that fierce, a go around should have been performed.


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        Not horrible, but more like mediocre.


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          Not just good, but perfect landing (by definition):

          Good landing: Landing everyone walks away of.
          Perfect landing: Good landing where the plane can be re-used without further maintainnece.

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            I've read before that the MD 80 is not a freindly aircraft in strong crosswind landings and with an angular component like that, flaring is quite tricky.


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              This is how you do it:


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                ^^That is amazing. That camera operator was brave. I would have dropped the camera and been running long before the wheels touched the ground.
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                  Originally posted by Leftseat86 View Post
                  This is how you do it:

                  Every time I see that clip the term "poetry in motion" comes to mind.