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    I work in finance IT. We're increasingly using instant messaging for the communication of critical parameters. So many new IT personnel have English as a second language that voice becomes a difficult means to communicate. You end up having to spell things with the phonetic alphabet. Also, you can copy and past from the IM client.

    Is there an application of this in air traffic control?

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    I don't know...I'm not sure I would want to wait for the message to come across...

    "aalXXX, tk evasive action, climbnow, i thnk tht cessna might hit u."

    I do work for a domestic US airline, and it should be noted that I do not represent such airline, or any airline. My opinions are mine alone, and aren't reflective of anything but my own knowledge, or what I am trying to learn. At no time will I discuss my specific airline, internal policies, or any such info.


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      I've a better idea. Don't tell the pilot, tell the computer.

      But I thought this was the job of TCAS more than ATC anyway.