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"Rolling" hubs and "Banked" hubs

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  • "Rolling" hubs and "Banked" hubs

    I recall the "big news" of American and certain other carriers like DL eliminating the concept of "banked" hubs in the '99 to 2000 time frame (where flights arrive and depart in banks to make connection times short, in some cases, really short) and to ease congestion that got really bad in the late ninetees, they started eliminating that concept at certain hubs, replacing it with the "rolling" hub. This was done at DFW by AA for sure, and IIRC at ORD, and a few others.

    I'm wondering, is this still around at DFW and the airports that got transitioned to the rolling hub concept and have any other airports done that? At the time, it seemed this was done only at the "fortress hubs" where one or two airlines dominated. I think MEM is one of the airports that still has banks of flights.

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    MSP, DTW, ATL, SLC are rolling hubs for DL, MEM and CVG remain more of bank hubs.