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Air India misses Star Alliance deadline... again

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  • Air India misses Star Alliance deadline... again

    Surprise surprise.

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    ...but Star is going to implicitly extend the deadline indefinitely again... until it can get Jet Airways to the alliance.
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      I think its looking more and more likely that they will aim at Jet Airways now, Air India will become a target for OneWorld and SkyTeam if they can actually meet the targets set by those alliances which i doubt at the moment.


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        Not surprised what so ever. Air India had since 2007 to get their act together and it still seems like they still have internal issues to deal with. I would think Star would leave the door open to Air India but if Jet Airways comes along better prepared, I'll think its a done deal. Also, it might be an issue that Air India was thinking of moving its hub in Frankfurt to Dublin over rates by Fraport. SkyTeam seems like the obvious ones to go after Air India since Kingfisher is in the process of joining Oneworld.
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          ^Actually AI has already taken out its FRA hub (BOM-FRA-BOM gone, as are others, with the exception of DEL after its consolidated ops at T 3). Dublin didn't work, so AI is focusing only on DEL right now.

          And yeah Kingfisher is in the process of becoming a OneWorld carrier-which will no doubt be another feather in OneWorld's cap.


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            Problems are present in the state owned airline
            "The real CEO of the 787 project is named Potemkin"


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              Originally posted by Alessandro View Post
              Problems are present in the state owned airline
              The T.O.I. is often seen as a decent publication, but that is based on the lack of competent competition. I am normally a fan of them, but I need to dissect this story in order to point out how perhaps interesting this incident could have been (in the grand scale) and/or how lacking this story is in details/facts.

              First, let's start with this - the fight, per the article, happened on an A319. The paper displays a 787 as the article header.


              'Staff were cleaning the wind shield and attending to other technical aspects inside the cockpit when Manik Lal walked in. He was not pleased to see too many people inside the cockpit and started to send them out. The flight engineer V T Kannan reached the cockpit and informed the pilot that the plane was yet to be handed over to the crew for flying.'
              So, two personalities clash over a flight readiness. Yes, the captain should not have acted in the way that he did. Violence is seldom the answer. However, he just went berzerk? There were no incidents or issues that led a sane pilot to lash out?

              Another issue - who fights in a cockpit? From the perspective of any layman, it's a tight compound, and things can go wrong fast with the touch of a button. From a fighter's perspective - there is not enough room. Add 'people washing the windows' to the mix.

              Where is the 'post-fight' interview? Where are statements by witnesses? Where is a copy of the police report? Where are statements from police/investigative bodies. I cannot imagine that a man will be harmed by a fellow employee, sent to the hospital, and only AI would be responsible for investigating the attack. Surely, Singham will not stand for this!

              Now, here's my issue - with the hundreds of other stories that are more important to their readership (what is currently going on with SpiceJet, what is currently happening with the further de-regulation in the industry thus allowing foreign carrier to up their stakes in Indian companies, what is the state of certain airports, what are the plans for new routes for AI, how is AI hoping to return to profit, what are AI's fleet plans,) two personalities clashing in a cockpit is not news.

              Consider, for a moment, how often pilots and engineers disagree. In all the world, has this been the first fight? There are other, more interesting, more seductive pieces to write, and if you want to malign AI, there are better investigated, and more instrumental pieces to come up with. This, is lazy journalism.
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                AI have now painted a 77W in star alliance livery, they have an A320 in that too one of the ex-Indian birds with double bogeys, the 77W has white engine nacelles while on the A320 they coloured them grey.


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                  This thread was opened, I almost can't believe it, ... 4 years before?!
                  [Our time is running fast.]

                  In the meantime, AI has joined us (Star Alliance member since July 11th, 2014).

                  In contrast to our former NZ-B744 colleagues, AI has decided NOT to have a fleet without a B744. Which I am fond of.

                  Your Palace in the Sky. This slogan is with me since I am here.

                  Btw, is VJ still with us?

                  Let there be at least 1 airworthy B744 in our alliance. It is such a beautiful bird. >>
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