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Rusavia-Sokol has acquired a single Tu-334-100

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  • Rusavia-Sokol has acquired a single Tu-334-100

    Some good news. Maybe the Tu-334 will finally get into service.

    December 5, AEX.RU - JSC "Tupolev" signed a contract for the supply of the Tu-334-100, serial number 005, the airline "Rusava Sokol-M," write the arguments of the week.
    The signing of the contract took place in Moscow at a meeting of the organizing committee Fund "National Tu-334-100" and the representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Tatarstan with manufacturers purchased components involved in the project, the Tu-334.

    In addition, at the meeting of the Deputy General Director of JSC "aviation industry" Vladimir Fadeev offered quickly restore two machines (serial numbers 003 and 005), so that it can be demonstrated even in the normal passenger configuration and coloring the airline at the MAKS-2013. "As our business at all times responsible for the preparation of flight air show program, we are ready to provide full assistance to the admission of the Tu-334 flight to the demonstration." - Mr Fadeev and exchanged Fund "National Tu-334-100" signed a cooperation agreement. "
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    I love the look of this little bird but why oh why would anyone buy it?

    With Superjet and AN-148 programs much further advanced this model has absolutely no future and Aircraft in service will be extremely rare. In fact I predict right now that this one will be the only Liner that ever sees Commercial Service. Good luck getting spares for it in a few years time!