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    I'm intrested to know what is your favourite Russian Aircraft, my favourite is the Tupolev 154. Also, if anybody has flown on a russian aircraft, what has been the noisest. [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
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    Russian Aircraft

    Mine is the Ilyushin IL-62, the way that engines are put together rocks (well, for me)

    I havent flown any russian tough

    I also like the Antonov 225 Mriya...


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      Russian Aircraft

      Tu-144 = the loudest, no?
      JR FlyingTexan


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        Russian Aircraft



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          Russian Aircraft

          The noisiest ? Without any doubt the Tu-114.
          The best ? Hmmm, Il-62 is a smooth ride, the Il-86 is very comfortable, a T/O with a Yak-40 or 42 feels like a missile launch.

          Res Severa Verum Gaudium !


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            Russian Aircraft

            Never flown on one, but a while back we had An-124s fly in and out of here to deliver parts for an aircraft company and it was a truly amazing plane. It was the first time I've been around anything like that.


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              Russian Aircraft

              Well ... my russian favourite is the Ruslan.
              The reason?
              - Well is was onboard one of them last week.

              Sorry for linking the picture to but I'll uploud it to this site tomorrow:
              Inside the cargo room.
              The big open mouth!


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                Russian Aircraft

                Originally posted by Daniel Smalley:
                Also, if anybody has flown on a russian aircraft, what has been the noisest. [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

                In 1980 I flew on a IL-62. Since it's the only Russian airliner I've ever been on I can't say if it was the noisiest among then but it certainly was noisier than any airliner I had ever been on before or since. Couldn't hear a word on the PA that's for sure.


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                  Russian Aircraft

                  Well .. I find the AN28 quite comftarble but since that the only Russian aircraft I've flown i can't answer this so good.


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                    Never flown on one, but my favorite is definitely the An-225 Mriya, for its sheer size.


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                      I've flown quite a lot of Soviet aircraft when visiting the USSR twice in the late 1980s.

                      Type list:
                      Il-62 (and M), Aeroflot and Interflug
                      Il-86 Aeroflot
                      An-24 Aeroflot
                      Tu-134 (several subtypes) Aeroflot and Interflug
                      Tu-154 (several subtypes) Aeroflot and Interflug

                      didn't care much for the Il-86, Il-62 is claustrophobic (very long and narrow), Tu-134 row 1 is something to experience (flying backwards).
                      Tu-154 caused me a 22 hour ordeal in Alma Ata being literally locked up in a waiting room with all the other foreigners having only 2 toilets, 3 chairs (for some 50 people), and a glass of apple juice (per person) for 18 hours before we were let out for breakfast in the airport cafetaria and a sightseeing tour through the city.


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                        My favorite Russian aircrafts
                        1/- the mighty IL.62
                        2/- the IL.18
                        3/- the AN.2

                        My rides by order of appearence
                        1-/ IL.18, Air Mali, Doula-Accra-Abidjan, Jan 1975, TZ-ADF.
                        2-/ IL.86, Aeroflot, LHR-LED, May 1992. CCCP86060.
                        3-/ Mil MI2 Aeroflot, Rieshevska and back, joy ride over LED suburbs.
                        4-/ AN.24, Aeroflot, Rieshvska-Bykovo, special Alpha-Tour charter.
                        5-/ AN.2, Aeroflot, full regular c/s, Myaschikovo and back, joy ride.
                        6-/ IL.62M, Aeroflot, SVO-LHR, May 1992, CCCP86518.
                        7-/ IL.62M, Tarom, ORY-BUH, May 1994, YR-IRD in eurowhite/blue tail c/s
                        Opportunity was a travel agent fam trip, we were due to fly an A.310 which eventually proved unserviseable Among our group, I remember being the only one to be happy with this occurence and appreciating altogether the boarding with stairs on remote ramp adjacant to the old cargo area thus allowing us the possibility in seing the sixty-two on close quarter.
                        During the ride, managed to peer into the fly-deck staffed by a captain, a first officer, a flying engineer, a radio-navigator and a fifth guy occupying the jump seat Since Otopeni was not coming along with jetways we were (as far I am concerned) to a grand deplaning with stairs+buses.
                        Return 6 days and 550+ kilometers by coach across Romania later was far less glamourous ; a RomBac 1.11-500 (YR-BCL).
                        Thanks for visiting
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                          Il-18 fly a lot to my Airport.

                          I saw before in Saudi Airports:

                          Tu-204 (I don't really look like B757)

                          Il-96 (once in 2002, it's more beautiful than A340 at night)

                          Il-76 (Iraq Airways since 1998 for Hajj then they start using B727 and B747Sp )

                          Il-62 (a lot of Black Smoke)



                          Also An-124 (it was a very big and noisy Surprise in 2001) also I saw it in Athens in 2001 in Antonov colours.

                          I don't see a lot of old Russian planes after they changed the law in 2001.

                          I saw Syrian Arab Tu-134 near cargo area in 2000 in Damascus, in a place like a garden! shame end for planes

                          15 Nov is my Birth day! I want A340? pls dad pls mom LOL


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                            Russian Aircraft

                            My favorites
                            #1: AN-225 Mryja Seeing that plane land at FCO was probably the most impressive sight I've seen in my life

                            #2: IL-96 this "A340ski" is pobably the most westernized Russian airplane ever built, and if the way of production would be better, meaning faster and deliveries take place as planned, it might be a real competititor to the A340 and 777, especially with P&Ws and EFIS cockpit.

                            #3: IL-76 Quite an impressive freighter. Too bad they are to loud for Europe

                            #4: AN-124 Not as impressive as the Mryja, but a good, big and reliable cargo plane

                            #5: Tu-204/214 A good aircraft family that has a rosy future if all the orders and rumors are true. Also a very western aircraft, already sees service in Europe for TNT Cargo. (Hey, maybe Tupolev could lease the soon-to-be empty production line of the 757 and produce it's "TU-757ski" there )


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                              forgot all about the Il-18, flew one (Tarom) in 1976 or so.