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Airbus winglets/sharklets

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  • Airbus winglets/sharklets

    I know there was a lot of hub-bub about the A320 family getting their sharklets, but when I look at an A340 I notice that it already has winglets/sharklets.

    Was this just a narrow body thing or am I missing something?

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    Originally posted by jeremydando View Post
    or am I missing something?
    ...probably that.

    It's just a blended wingtip device that (after four tries) Airbus was finally able to succeed in using, without blatantly running afoul of prior-existing patents.
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      The big fuss is over the fact that the A320 has winglets for the first time and nothing else, same as the 737. 757 and 767 when they got those despite the 744 having them since 1988, they are also blended and tall compared to the older versions like in the pic you posted.