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Jewish woman lies after being offloaded from Jetblue flight

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  • Jewish woman lies after being offloaded from Jetblue flight

    Jetblue F/A and other passengers who witnessed the exchange are being made to seem like liars instead by this doctor who even has bad reviews online for her conduct with patients.

    Incident appened weeks ago

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    I am in no way agreeing with this woman's claims, or her views - and I completely support JetBlue's right to remove a passenger that they deem as a 'threat' to the safety of the aircraft (as I see it, this could have turned ugly in flight if a fight broke out - and this woman's comments were the first issue that led to the incident, thus she is in the wrong - based on her own admission), but what proof do you have that she is lying?

    Let this story mature, and let's see what the courts say eventually.

    We do live in a country that, while being 'lawsuit happy', has a fairly transparent court system.

    Posting something like this, calling her out on a lie, when the facts are simply not there, would make you seem anti-Semitic. Let's wait for the facts.
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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      Thats one label I dont mind being called, I just repeated what the facts point out to but headlines wont use the word I did.