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There were animals in the cargo aboard MH17 too

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  • There were animals in the cargo aboard MH17 too

    To add to the tragedy of finding out there were 80 children amongst the passengers on the plane, it has now been revealed that 2 dogs and 9 crates/packages of live birds including Pigeons were in the cargo holds. News outlets are mistakenly reporting nine birds only as details are not mentioned in the main page of the cargo manifest and have to searched for in the other pages.

    The manifest shows that the unidentified birds in five packages containing 28 of the animals were headed to Dhaka, four other packages containing unknown number of Pigeons were bound for Ho Chi Minh City, one dog was going to Manila the other to Kuala Lumpur, only the KUL one seemed to be a pet as both shipper and reciever were the same person, a woman named Nicole according to airway bill but they were not on the same flight and iisnt in passenger name list, the rest were going to dealers or breeders.

    A freelance reporter who was first on the spot after the crash said she saw two Parrots and a Peacock and Chicken feathers strewn accross, her account second last paragraph one bird was alive it seems.

    Two of the animals I think the dogs were kept in Bulk hold where they are normally, along with mail and small packages etc. other cargo onboard included fresh cut flowers and horticultural stuff, medicines, aircraft and helicopter parts, textiles, oil well and gas equipment, used household stuff and personal belongings, Li-on batteries in a safe amount, diplomatic and regular mail, pot (cannabis?), and some other unmentioned things listed as consolidated cargo.

    The manifest has 20 pages

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    Some pics of the birds from Russian TV