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Government To Buy Out Malaysia Airlines

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  • Government To Buy Out Malaysia Airlines

    Beleaguered Malaysia Airlines will seek to avoid economic collapse with a government takeover of the carrier, brought on by the twin tragedies this year of the disappearance of Flight MH370 and the shoot down of MH17 over Ukraine.

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    Not at all unexpected...


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      MH have also reintroduced one or more 744s to service due to shortage of aircraft, mainly as sub for A380 when those go for maintenence, I think they are only used on Asian routes.


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        Originally posted by Peter Kesternich View Post
        Not at all unexpected...
        Even prior to the annus horribilis that was 2014, the carrier was facing financial difficulties. A decade of Air Asia's presence, numerous subsidiary companies, and the regular issues faced by all legacy carriers battered the carrier.

        Nationalization, hopefully if coupled with competent management, and a few hard choices - will hopefully return the carrier to the heights that it once enjoyed.

        I assume that in the aftermath of 2014, we might well see an acceleration of the c/s change and perhaps a re-branding as the carrier is rehabilitated.
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